Something to crow about


A thirsty crow found a pitcher with some water in it, but so little was there that, try as she might, she could not reach it with her beak, and it seemed as though she would die of thirst within sight of the remedy. At last she hit upon a clever plan. She began dropping pebbles into the pitcher, and with each pebble the water rose a little higher until at last it reached the brim, and the knowing bird was enable to quench her thirst.~ Aesop

I’m hoping that your first month of 2016 was a good one.

2016-01-27 15.20.19

Mine went well. This past week however was interesting. I’m in the midst of painting the living room floor. White. S.t.i.l.l…


And, the odd thing is lately I’ve been thinking a lot about birds. a.l.o.t.


Specifically crows. This seems rather odd to me, since I don’t think I ever particularly  liked crows.


And,  trust me I’m not one of those people that talk to birds.


Actually, I think they mostly scared me. Perhaps, it had something to do with watching Hitchcock’s movie, The Birds, as a young girl.


From that movie on they s.c.a.r.e.d. me. And, then when I was tad bit older and met her cousin The Raven, well there ya go.


Okay, well so anyway now that I’m all grown up CAW!CAW!CAW! (sorry, couldn’t resist) and live in an area where there seems to be plenty of these pretties flying around, (or perhaps just noticing them more) I’m discovering that they are actually amazing creatures. And, this is the super funny/odd part. I’m quite drawn to them, I might even say I’m fascinated by them.


For instance there are these two crows that perch outside my loft window almost daily.


There I sit watching.


I feel like a silly human as the bird calmly looks at me.


They seem to gather what they need, and not more than necessary.


They appear to be happy where they are. They definitely are keen observers of whats going on around them. No doubt they discuss their day. ..


“Hello, hello”….



“What do you want to learn today?”…”Begin.”…”By tomorrow you’ll be in the flow.”

Happy February!


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5 Responses to Something to crow about

  1. Joe Kuehner says:

    I believe your post is something to ‘crow’ about!

  2. Carol Gossett says:

    What a fun post for me to read, because I’ve always LOVED crows! I collect figurines, have used ‘crow’ in a business name, email address, etc. They are characters, for sure!

    • Marcia ren says:

      Hi Carol! So nice to see you. I’m glad you love crows too. I’ve come to have a deep respect for them too. I love that you once had a business named crow. So great. ♡

  3. Jenny Bonynge says:

    I lived in a community west of Eugene that was called Crow for over 40 years! I learned though that it had been named after a family that settled in the area and not for the birds. I, too, enjoy all the birds and find them fascinating. Put up a feeder and keep it filled and you’ll always been entertained. ;0)

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Jenny! So happy to hear to enjoy crows too! Many people don’t. Probably because they haven’t taken the time to enjoy them. Funny that you lived in a town by that name too.

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