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A Memorable Journey-My First PEO International Convention In Pittsburgh🌟

We are all just walking each other home – Ram Dass I recently embarked on a remarkable journey to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city I had never visited before. The occasion? The PEO International Convention, a gathering of over 2,000 women from across the nation, all uniting for a common cause…helping women to achieve their highest aspirations in furthering their education through awards, scholarships and loans. While I had hoped to explore the charming streets of Pittsburgh and capture its essence, my days in the city were primarily filled with workshops and conferences. However, I soon discovered that the knowledge gained … Read the full blog post

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Stylish and Prepared: My Outfit Choices for the P.E.O. International Convention in Pittsburgh✈️🧣

As the excitement builds for the upcoming P.e.O. International Convention in Pittsburgh, I find myself not only eager to connect with fellow members but also enthusiastic about planning my outfits for the event. Read the full blog post

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Fall in Love with My Autumn Decor: A Blush of Warmth and Elegance🍁

Autumn whispers it’s secrets to decorators, inviting us to simplify, the canvas and embrace a new color palette, where nature’s hues paint a tapestry of joy in our homes.🍂 Hello, sweet friends… As the leaves outside began to change their hues, I found myself inspired to transform our home’s interior to embrace the beauty of the fall season. This year, my decorating journey led me to revamp our living room, dining alcove, and a small vestibule-all with a new color palette that added a touch of sophistication to the warmth of autumn. One of the most exciting aspects of this … Read the full blog post

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🍁Fall Fashion and Home Decor Haul:TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, and Chico’s🧣

In the end, preparing for the aesthetic of autumn is a celebration of the senses…Marcia Hello, sweet friend… Before diving into my haul, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of autumn. There’s something magical about witnessing the transformation of nature, as it, dons its fall attire. The vivid foliage, the scent of cinnamon- spiced, everything, and the anticipation of crisp, chilly evenings make this season, truly enchanting. It’s the perfect time to explore new places, savor, pumpkin- flavored treats, and create a bucket list to embrace all that autumn has to offer. My shopping journey began at TJ … Read the full blog post

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Rediscovering the Beauty Nearby: The Joys of Exploring Local Destinations🚗

The joy of adventure is not bound by the distance traveled…but by curiosity explored…💗🚗 Hello, sweet friends… In the pursuit of wanderlust, I often find myself dreaming of far-off lands and exotic destinations. However, I have also learned there are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered right in my own backyard. While the allure of distant lands is undeniable, exploring the beauty close to home offers a host of advantages… from unveiling hidden gems and embracing convenience to connecting with local culture and supporting the local economy. At times when I feel the call of adventure, I will embark on … Read the full blog post

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Embracing The Splendor of Summer in My Enchanting Cottage Garden🌸🌸🌸

Like a symphony’s final note, the closing of a summer garden in a whispered promise that beauty will return, carried on the wings of time… As the warm embrace of summer envelops my quaint cottage garden, a symphony of colors and fragrances dances upon the gentle breeze. The roses, oh the roses! Their petals unfurl for the second and third time this season, painting the landscape with hues of crimson, blush, and ivory. Their delicate beauty is a testament to nature’s resilience and the care that we have lovingly bestowed upon them. Amidst the verdant foliage, the hydrangeas stand proud … Read the full blog post

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A Picturesque Afternoon Adventure: Peddling the Oregon Coast Rail Riders🚗

Amidst nature’s embrace, every step is a voyage of discovery… Picture this: a glorious afternoon filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the rhythm of peddles gliding through the air. That’s exactly what my husband, our dear friends, and I experienced on a recent adventure along the Oregon Coast Rail Riders. This remarkable 2- hour, 12-mile round trip journey on four-seated quadricycles was the epitome of summer enjoyment. As we embarked on our excursion, anticipation hung in the air like the promise of a grand adventure. The Oregon Coast Rail Riders provided a novel and exhilarating way to explore the Coquille River … Read the full blog post

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A Journey of Blooms: The Story Behind My Charming Gallery Wall🖼️

Painting the world with love one petal at a time… In the heart of our home, a whimsical display adorns the wall along the stairs, creating a unique and ever-changing gallery of floral wonders. This small but meaningful collection has been curated over the span of several years, each piece carefully chosen to tell a tale of beauty, discovery, and cherished memories. The focal point of my gallery wall is, undoubtedly, the collection of floral paintings. From summer roses to dainty bouquets, each piece holds its own charm and character. One of my most treasured possessions is the tiniest artwork … Read the full blog post

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Exploring Local Treasures: Unveiling the Charms of Oregon’s Coastal Getaways🚗

Amidst the familiar, hidden treasures await…💗 – Marcia As the summer sun bathes the picturesque landscapes of Oregon’s coastline in its golden warmth, there’s an undeniable allure to staying close to home and exploring the local wonders that often go overlooked. While the thought of jetting off to distant destinations might be tempting, there’s something undeniable special about indulging in the hidden gems that reside right at your doorstep. This summer, I embarked on a journey of discovery along the stunning Oregon Coast, uncovering local essentials that make for unforgettable summer adventures. On a sun-kissed summer morning, my husband and … Read the full blog post

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When Adventures Collide: 🚗 A Tale of Laughter and Antiquing

“Life is an adventure, and every day is a chance to discover something new.” – Marcia💗 Hello, sweet friends… Today, I have a hilarious story to share with you…a day of unexpected turns and laughter that occurred while my husband embarked on his own adventure back East with college friends and family, and I kept the home fires burning with Anastasia & Camille. As my husband ventured off for his exciting trip… I decided to make the most of my time back home by planning some fun outings with friends. One of the highlights was an anticipated Garden tour, located … Read the full blog post

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