A week in Review…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. ..♡

                                HoPpY Saturday!

Well,  I’m going to assume that you like my week in Review posts.♡ I haven’t heard any complaints yet. …(grin) Okay here goes. …♡

On Monday my post was about finding JoY in everyday living. ♡ And, now I’m wondering what YoUr everyday JoYs are….♡What small JoYs do you delight in…♡

And just in case your new to my blog…I shared that a HUGE part of my JoY comes from working in my CoTtAgE GaRdEn..♡ Aren’t these Hollyhocks delightful..♡I cut them just for you. Here,  let me cut a few more. ♡

On Tuesday, I sort of shared about my Women’s Bible Study.  We had studied the two Marys. (btw… there are more) the “doer”,  and the “being” part of each of us . I decided it was all about having balance in our life. Period.♡ Of course the trick is how we learn to attain that balance. ♡ Amen.
Oh, and I think I mentioned that I had also taken my very first golf lesson. .. okay, enough said on attaining balance.♡
Wednesdays post was ALL about BuNnIEs….. seriously, how do I ever expect to get ANY more followers on my blog,  if I keep writing  about BuNniEs…♡ It was fun to dance the bunny hop. Well, anyway….. I believe I was trying to express AgAiN the importance of finding JoY in our everyday lives♡ HoP, HoP, HoP….♡

On Thursday, being that it was a Holy day,  I decided to blog about (confess) being born with an ExTrEmElY large head. And now that I’ve had some time to reflect…. This just might be a requirement for a successful blogger. (Just kidding …about the blogger part ) not about the VERY large head.

And of course Friday’s post was all about showing off my beautiful Climbing roses. ..♡
Wait! No,! No! No!  that’s NOT at all  what I wanted to say. ..♡ I shared about things that Inspire. … and the importance of following our Passion.♡

So here we are on a beautiful Saturday morning. And I’m thinking that this past week, what I’ve really been thinking about is what inspires me, and what brings passion to my life. ♡

               BeAuTy…….SpIrIt …….JoY……♡

 And of course, I do believe each of us has a Reason we are here on this wonderful planet earth.  That we each have a unique purpose. A Calling. And that it is so important to find that purpose…. If for no better reason,  so that we can share it with others. ♡

So,  okay my friend. … What inspires you?
(silly grin)

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you have enjoyed your visit. Have a lovely day.♡

                                        Xoxo. ..

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