A week in ReViEw…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. ..♡

Okay. ..I know its only Thursday. .. But I thought it might be fun to look back on the week so far.

This past week has given me an opportunity to meet new friends,  learn from a wise one. .. and spend time with a friend from my youth.  I’ve thought about how each has affected me in some way. Not one is the same. Sort of like beautiful rain clouds… filled with possibilities, and forever changing as we do. Each of these experiences reminded me of why good friendships are so important.

They enable us to listen,  follow our own unique dream, destiny, and fulfillment. They are wonderful mirrors for us.♡

Looking back just a couple of days ago,  I was preparing for a Spring Tea fundraiser.

All the preparations….♡
A close group of friends gathered for. ..
A special 83rd birthday. …♡
I also wrote about my 97 year young Inspirational friend Catherine. Just in case your new to my blog. I wrote about how Catherine never looks back when something difficult happens in her life.  She learns from it, and then moves on.♡
I have had a wonderful week so far. Oh and I forgot to mention about my ladies Bible study on Monday.  We are studying the women in the Bible.  I’m learning that there were some amazing women back then. Can I share something with you. … I’m starting to  realize that I have some pretty amazing women in my own life ToDaY. Women that inspire me to be my best self.  I’m speaking about you too dear reader.   Friendships come in all different ShApEs,  CoLoRs, and AgEs. 
This past week I’ve studied with,  partied with,  and shared a meal or two, with some amazingly strong,  loving, and compassionate women.  The photo above is of my friend from high school. This friendship carries with it the warmth, and “JoY” of our youth. ♡ I’m wondering if you have the influences of positive women role models too…I have a feeling you do. … because they bring lasting “JoY” and lots of LoVe….♡
Thank you for visiting an “almost” week in review. ♡ (grin)
I hope you have a wonderful Thursday. 
Xoxo. ..
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