A Mini GaRdEn Tour….♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. .,♡

I thought it might be nice to take you on a mini garden walking tour….

It’s pretty quiet this morning,  and I’ve been doing some watering. I was hoping to show you how the Cottage garden is coming along. ♡Let me move this hose so we BoTh don’t trip.♡

One of the roses is BlOoMiNg just for                                                      you…♡

And of course a Royal wave. …..♡

There is a brick pathway throughout the front. The bricks were hand laid by the previous owner,  and her two young sons. I think they were 9, and 11 at the time. What a sweet memory. ♡


Look at this lovely Climber. ….♡It is called an Eden Climber.  When the roses are in bloom, they will greet our guests with a heavenly scented “Hello”.

I’m so pleased with their growth. It is less than a year old. I want to form a heart. ♡Wouldn’t that be sweet!

      Oh,oh… It looks like we have some curious company following us …♡

Our cat Darjeeling wants to AlWaYs be in the ScOoP… of EvErYtHiNg…..♡

Actually,  we have lots of little CrEaTuReS that are so happy to see you. …

This bird feeder is right outside our kitchen window.  I LOVE watching the birds while I’m doing dishes. ..♡sometimes the whole feeder is covered with beautiful yellow finches.

Oh look. .. there’s a Robin. … bobbing along.  Can you see it?

It looks like Darjeeling spotted the little                   feathered friend….♡

And  another Climber.This beauty is very established. It was planted many years ago.

Here’s another Eden Climber. ..My husband knows that they are OnE of my favorite roses, and gifted me with two bushes last Mothers Day.
I’m wondering what kind of Gardens you like. ..♡ Perhaps you don’t enjoy gardening? I hope you do….It is really very relaxing,  and rewarding, once you get the hang of it. ♡

Well. ..it has sure been nice chatting with you today. I better finish up my watering.

I hope you enjoyed your visit at “Marcia’s Cottage”. Have a lovely day my friend. Any special plans?

Xoxo. …


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