A RiBbOn in the sky of LoVe…♡


Hi Everyone! Just wanted to re~share this post. Many of you are new readers. I can tell from my stats and as my first year on the coast comes full circle, I can’t help but reflect at how it all came to be. I hope you enjoy reading about it.

Hello. …


I had a relaxing weekend. How about you? I realized that it was about this time last year that I made a visit to the Oregon coast and returned back to California with a “let’s do this move!” to my husband Joe. He was shocked. ..to say the least. We hadn’t sold our California home yet. He assumed that after visiting this small coastal town I’d miss my familiar surroundings in California, change my mind, and not want to make the move. Here’s a re~post from what I believe led up to my decision.

Oh,  and congrats to Marsea Barton, April’s random winner. Thank you for liking and sharing Marcia’s Cottage by the Sea. Xo


Ribbon in the Sky

Written by Marcia Ren

Re~post April 11, 2014

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. ..♡

Let’s have a seat in the parlor….. ♡
It’s the perfect view for our California GaRdEn…♡

Happy Friday! How was your week? My wish for you Dear friend. .. is that it was filled RoSeS,  SuNsHiNe, and perhaps, a few RiBboNs…(smile) I’m getting ready to do my Friday Salmon dinner. I always purchase fresh salmon from our local fish market.  I look forward to this every week. ♡ And, for the last three years (since retiring from teaching) I’ve marveled at having the luxury of TiMe to enjoy ALL the details, and SiMPlE pleasures in my every day life…. and preparing it.♡ It gives me  a deep sense of JoY.♡

Spring florals are out in abundance here at our little cottage. ♡ I’m not sure what this rose is called… but, it’s gorgeous. Perhaps, you might know its name? Oh,  look. …I need to do a little clipping. ..♡

One of the gifts of a VERY young retirement (an extremely sweet smile) was the gift of now being able to take time to Smell the RoSeS. ♡

Psssst. … Can I share a little secret? I really was not sure three years ago, when I made this HuGe decision to retire (after 30 years teaching elementary school) if it WAS really the right decision.♡ So I kept it a secret during my whole last year. ♡ Sometimes it’s best to not share something. Especially if we aren’t sure of our decision. The less in~put the better. For me this is how I find my own way.

It was my husband’s wish (sweet husband) and persistence with wanting to give me the “gift” of being at HoMe. ♡ Being that we had married at a later chapter in our lives. … He desperately longed this “Home” experience for me. ♡ He said. .. He felt certain that this is where my HeArT & SoUl would thrive. ♡

Well. ….almost three years have passed by (lickity split) and I’m both embarrassed, and proud to say. … that my husband knew me better than I knew myself. ♡His gut feeling was. ..I Would THRIVE at home. .♡

And, I’ve been having the time of my life. …

CrEaTiNg, CrEaTiNg, and CrEaTiNg…..

A Home from my HeArT….♡

And. .. because THERE is NO better gift, than one  given from one’s HeArT….I’d like to dedicate today’s post to my wonderful adoring Joe….♡  Thank you from the bottom of my HeArT…♡For the gift of HoMe….♡ I LOVE You….♡awww. ..I’m sort of wearing my HeArT on my sleeves today. Oh well,  sometimes that’s what I do. ♡ I’m  wondering if you ever do that too….♡ of course I’m hoping you do…♡(Another sweet smile)

Yikes! I better hurry and publish this post before Joe sees it! He will be SO embarrassed….Shhhh…. Don’t tell him..♡

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a fun weekend planned.

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  1. Joe Kuehner says:

    I am honored and humbled by this beautiful post!
    Thank you!

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