JoLlY, HoLlY, GoLlY, iT’s DeCeMbEr!..♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Ho!Ho!Ho! Happy Christmas month! And,  JoLlY,HoLlY, GoLly, where did 11 months go???? I’m not sure about you, but mine seemed to have danced, pranced, and 
dashed right by.

 It seems as if it were only yesterday, and not one year ago….that I had decided to choose JOY as my mantra for 2014.

now with only a few weeks left of the year, I think I have this JOY mantra thing down. *wink*wink.


This month I found lots of JOY deciding on the winner(s) for Marcia’s Cottage official, unofficial, random giveaway.

 I chose 12 lucky winners this month! I’m celebrating a year of JOY this December. And just in case you just happened to stumble across my blog..(glad your here) here’s a little info about how my giveaways began.

in which case I also will need to catch you up to my current story …

So pull up a chair……

serve yourself a cup of tea, and read away (grin)

I must be honest…
I totally delighted in searching this little cottage of ours 
In all it’s nooks, and crannies….for just the perfect giveaways!

Oh! I better mention all 12 unofficial, official, winners before it’s January! (giggle) Okay, so……Congrats, and thank you to Vickie Fowler, Pat Bushyhead, Sue Williams Brown, Robin Smith Summers, Karen Anderson, Marty Watt, Candy Hobert, Beth Zimmer Beavers, Sharon Sam Randlett Majors, Susan Gresch Ramsey, Andi Radziewicz Somers, and  Gary Canavello,  for liking/sharing my page!

It means so much to me for you to stop by, and visit for a while. 
Life gets busy, and I realize it’s difficult to just stop and enjoy simple everyday pleasures. 
Writing a blog brings me so much JOY. 

And, even though things are a little topsy turvy around here, with our planning to move and all…
I find so much delight chatting a while with you. 
So thank you dear reader for a joy-filled year.
Hope you have a fabulous week….

“Joy does not simply happen to us.  We have to choose JOY,  and keep choosing it every day. ” ~Henri Nouwen

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