A LiFe LiVeD SiMpLy….

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

 I enjoy seeing all the throwback photos posted on FB. It’s fun to see how we have changed over the years. It’s amazing how some of my friends from high school haven’t changed a bit!

In some ways I’ve changed a lot…

in other ways I’ve remained similar to how I was in high school. But the truth is I wouldn’t want to be the same.

 And, the changes have been good ones. Trust me. (grin) So, anyway...I’ve been thinking about our personal style.

Sounds like a quirky topic. Well, perhaps not. I’m probably in between several styles right now.

Oh, and btw... do you know what your style is? How do you decorate your home?

 Do you enjoy decorating to the tune of the changing seasons?

Okay, sorry if this next question is tooooooo personal…

but, are you someone who has to have the newest, latest, and best? (grin)

What are your favorite colors? Are these also colors that make you happy, and feel good?

Now, I’m NOT going to mention any names (smile) however, I happen to have friends that don’t really know what they like or don’t like. 

Of course, I’m not one of these people.  But I am in a style transition. Did you know that personal style and popular taste, are two very different things.

Some people like things just because they are in style. silly, silly…that could be quite pricey.  Hmmmm…I’m not sure how I got on this subject for today. I suppose it’s because I’m very much aware how my style is sort of kind of changing.  I’m definitely simplifying everything in my life. And, it is most evident with how I decorate and even purchase my clothing.  I’m thinking that it takes courage to simplify.  The funny/odd thing is that it can be really hard work to simplify your life….especially if you haven’t lived that way before. What I have come to learn, is that the key is to be true to your unique outward self. Okay, I promise that this is my last question…..

What is your personal style?

October 2016  update: Below is my current Fall decor on the coast.


“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.” ~Esther De Waal

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  1. Joe Kuehner says:

    Thank you for the beautiful post!

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