The Puppy Club

Hi! How’s your week going so far? Mine is swell. My new good friend here on the coast is back from vacation. So, I’m getting ready to head out for a lunch date.



However, I wanted to share about a very special party a good friend in California recently hosted.


btw...I’m a pretty lucky gal to have such wonderful friends. (grin)


Anyway, my California friend belongs to the SoCal Chihuahua Club and for several years has been hosting their Halloween Party.


This group of friends bring their pups in costume, and enjoy an afternoon of friendship, food, & fun.


Many pups are champion AKC show dogs.


This year the smallest pup weighed a little over a pound.


A costume contest with 3 judges was held, with the winner taking home a See’s Candy gift certificate, sewn by hand pumpkins. of course.


Ironically the weekend of the party was also when California had real rain, and a real rain storm.


With that said my friend decided to seat her guests outside on the patio for the unexpected special effects of pouring warm tropical rain, cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning.

*Here’s a sampling of their fabulous Halloween fare:


Pistachio Trifle (with cherries, pineapple, coconut, and crushed walnuts)


Snake Eggs (pepper poppers wrapped in bacon off the grill)


Deviled Eggs (with blue cheese & bacon)


Gourmet Sub Station sandwich (6 combinations)

Each of the guest brought something to share, some are quite accomplished not only in the show ring, but in the kitchen.

*(Just in case today’s post inspired you to host your own pup party)

Sea Ya!

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