What InSpIrEs you?…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. .♡

Just felt like stopping by for a little chat,  before I head out on my ride this morning. Do you have a bike?  Wanna go on a ride with me? Awwww….that would be so much fun!

Well, I’ve  been wondering what sort of things InSpIrE you my friend? I suppose another way to say it.. is what is your PaSsIoN? I suppose you could say I followed my PaSsIoN, and started my “Marcia’s Cottage”  blog. I’m glad I did too, because it led me to YOU! I LOVE blogging. For now it is definitely my PaSsIoN.♡♡♡

What inspires me in life, is SUCCESS against All odds… The unexpectant hero. …♡ Like this little birdie.♡He flits around our Cottage, and brings so much BeAuTy, JoY, and SpIrIt into my life.  I love to watch him from our front parlor. ♡

Oh no, it just flew away. ..♡ Perhaps he noticed    my peeking out.♡

           Okay, now I see what the problem is….♡

There’s Darjeeling. … She is ReLeNtLeSs. It’s funny, because she InSpIrEs me too. She is so FoCuSeD, DeTeRmInEd, PaTiEnT, and never gives up.  I learn so much from her. She and I spend lots of time in the GaRdEn.♡

           Awwww….look at that charming climbing rose….♡

Shall we go outside, and take a better look.
I adore climbing roses. … Now they are ReAlLy my heroes. ..They have BeAuTy, StRenGtH, and yet are so  DeLiCaTe in their SpIrIt.♡

And talk about relentless. .. They just keep pushing on…♡FoCuSeD, DeTeRmInED, and PaTiEnT.♡

It’s all about the climb for these beautiful InSpIrInG blooms. .♡

And yet, have you ever noticed. .. its always an uphill battle for them. ..♡ Now that’s InSpIrAtIoNaL.♡

   I wonder who their personal coach is. …♡or what inspires them?

Do they climb, just for the experience in itself. …

                       Just the experience. Wow…♡

I’m so amazed to watch my roses get cut down, then GrOw, and BlOoM again. ….♡

I guess that’s what climbers do. ♡They never give up. Oh, BTW… you haven’t told me yet,  what inspires you my friend. …♡

Well,  what do you know… look who just returned. ..♡ I’m happy he isn’t going to let a little cat keep him from getting what he wants either….♡

Thanks for riding with me. We’ll have to do it again sometime.  Hope your day is safe,  and filed wit beauty.

                                             Xoxo. …


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