Tis A Gift To Share

For it is in giving that we receive” ~Frances of Assisi

Hi! It’s so nice to see you today. I must say that lately I’ve been feeling a little orphan like. sort of joking


With my husband away on business in California and one of my good friends off traveling, I’m feeling just a little needy. I had one of those aha moments which taught me something about myself very humbling and here it is… that even though there are fun wonderful things (and friends) I’m involved in, the reality is the best part of life comes through sharing those experiences with others. You more than likely already know this. (Which is more than likely why we are friends) So needless to say I’m delighted to have you stop by today you are out there… right?  Ironically while I was experiencing that aha moment one of my dear 900 mile away California friends sent me an e-mail  sharing about a tea party she had recently hosted. which  made me  happy to hear about  because as I said shared experiences are what life is all about. So anyway in today’s post I’d like to share it with you. And, who knows…perhaps you might end up sharing it with someone you know.

California Girlfriends Spring Tea hosted by Becky

The theme was antique green Fiesta-ware collected over the years by Becky’s sister Kathy. The pieces range in year from  1929-1936. There are many unusual pieces.

The table was decorated with a Bunny Centerpiece that Becky got at an antique store. she couldn’t resist those cute bunnies and filled it will pink carnations/green fern.

The table runner is very old with pink roses/green leaves hand embroidered by someone’s loving hands years ago. Becky mentioned that she wonders about what this person’s life was like 

Here is the table all set


Homemade scones with five berry compote, lemon curd and whipped cream.

Second course was a spring salad a la Nordstrom’s miss my California girlfriends sense of humor which was made of spring greens, baby spinach, green apple slices, slivered chicken, red onion bits, dried apple crumbles, soft goat cheese, candied pecans and red wine vinaigrette.

Third course was homemade beef stew and hot biscuits with butter and apple butter.

The last course was a pecan dainty with scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Drinks were carbonated lemonade or ginger ale served in the small green glasses, and hot tea in the pink tea cups. The first pot of tea was a light orange tea. The second pot was chamomile tea. us tea ladies are serious drinkers

Looks like everyone shared in a lovely afternoon. I was inspired to bake up some scones and gather friends together and share a moment or two.

Below is one of my favorite scone recipes that I’d like to share. For many years (along with teaching elementary school) I had a seasonal tea business, and would host 3-4  tea parties a year. During the tea I’d also sell tea accouterments, & home decor. One year a  vender who I purchased products from sent me this scone recipe. I used it frequently at my teas. What I like about baking scones is that they are easy, and you can change them up to use available seasonal fruit as substitutes.

I’m going to tell you a little secret too. I would substitute the strawberries with one small can of mandarin oranges & add a 1/2 of bag of mini chocolate chips. Perfect~o!


2 cups flour

3 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

6 tablespoons butter, chilled

1 egg

1/3 cup half and half

1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries ( I substitute with mandarin oranges)

Mix together first 4 ingredients. Cut butter into dry mixture until crumbly. In another bowl, mix egg and half & half. Pour into well of dry ingredients and stir until moistened Mix in strawberries.

Turn out onto a floured surface and knead until smooth. Pat into 1″ thickness and cut into triangle shapes. (I would  spoon out a scoop)

Place scones onto baking sheet, brush tops with milk, sprinkle with sugar and bake 12-14 minutes at 400. Serve warm with Strawberry Cream Cheese.

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10 Responses to Tis A Gift To Share

  1. Sue Burden says:

    Had tea at your home in Riverside many years ago with my Niece Becky – I am the last of the Brown girls and live in Brisbane Queensland Australia. Lovely piece on Becky’s
    Tea Party.

  2. Brenda Lamb says:

    My favorite place is our South Carolina coast. My husband and I are retired, so we vacation there about three or four times a year. We were there for the month of March; it was very windy and cool, but sleeping to the sound of the crashing waves is priceless!
    We love it!
    I enjoy your posts, and all your photos of your cottage and coast. It’s beautiful there!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Brenda! Congrats on your retirement. How fortunate to have your get-away to relax at. I hear the ocean & foghorn from our house. It’s a comforting, peaceful sound. Thank you so much for your kind commentsAnd thank you for “sharing” about your coastal experience.

  3. Marcia Ren says:

    Hi Sue! What a nice surprise to see you. Yes I remember that day very well (and you) we had such a wonderful afternoon. I believe I was newly married & that tea was one of the first tea parties I had given in that home. Those SoCal tea parties are very much missed & I still try and attend a few when I can. Thank you for “sharing”

  4. Chris and Catherine says:


    Sure looks good to me. What time is dinner??


  5. Joe Kuehner says:

    I can tell you that those scones were “Yummmy!”

  6. Jane says:

    Hi Marcia!
    I so enjoyed this post with scone recipe. I am currently sitting in the Virgin lounge at the end of my holiday. I have had some wonderful tea and scones the last couple of days and your posting is perfect. Thank you for sharing this recipe which comes at a perfect time. I am wistful at leaving but now your darling post and recipe has cheered me up. I will bake the scones and put on a pot of tea once I get unpacked and settled . Loved your post about tea parties and it stands to reason that you would have been the Queen of tea parties. I once belonged to a group of women who also enjoyed hosting teas . I met them through an ad that had been placed in Romantic Homes about 10 years ago. We had a wonderful hosting teas in our homes and unfortunately we disbanded after about 5 years. I need to find some new friends that enjoy teas again. Well, happy day to you and thank you so much for your lovely postings I so enjoy them. Love and blessings.

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Jane!
      What a wonderful get-away you have hadAnd it’s nice to know that I helped in cheering you up a bit before you depart. However perhaps you are home by now. It took me a while to reply since I’ve been gardening, and baking. When I lived in SoCal several times there were ladies who were also part of a tea group that scheduled a tea in my home. How fun if you would have been there. Your group sounds lovely. Sorry that it dismantled. Things often change in our lives which make it difficult to commit. I once replied to an invite in Victoria Magzine, which involved a friend and I fling to San Francisco for the day and enjoying a tea luncheon at St. Francis Hotel. There was a wonderful fashion show included in the event. That was really fun!I remember the models were wearing the cutest shoes. Xo

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