Tickled Pink


“To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.” Robert Louis Stevenson

Hello….how are you?

The last time we chatted I had just returned from a mini get-away, one which inspired a few changes. just in case you missed it

However this past week I’ve been preparing for a much bigger change. do the happy dance

I can’t show you yet…however what I can tell you is this sweet little cottage is smack dab in the middle of getting a new look.

Goodbye yellow…hello……(drum roll)

 A few months back when the house painting decision was made and I began thinking about the  color If you are curious🌸

I started thinking about the first home I had ever purchased (in California) it was yellow I loved that home!

The next home was yellow (also in California) I loved this home too!

The last home my husband and I sold ( yes in California)  was white clapboard. (you guessed it…it too was loved)

In 2004 when we purchased this home (as a rental) it was blue. have to be honest…the love factor hadn’t bloomed at the time

that is before we had it painted yellow (love began)

 I also realized that my moving to the Oregon coast and into this home has been a great adventure most likely the biggest one in my life (grin)

  so why not just go for it!

(after all  shouldn’t a home reflect it’s owner)

 I’ve got to say that my husband has been so supportive of  all my decisions. THANK YOU JOE! (real men wear pink) Joe

Obviously there’s been a wide range of responses. One of my friends actually put his head into his hands and said “Oh no not pink!”

The painter said “well I guess I’m going to have to get use to having pink all over my uniform” yep Chip you will 👛👚🌷🌸💕😉

Of course my gal friends who are the best can’t wait to actually have a friend that lives in a little pink house. And yes as you can imagine…

this just tickles me



I created a new board on Pinterest called “Little Pink Houses”:

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8 Responses to Tickled Pink

  1. Esther Mower says:

    Yay for you and your pink house. Double yay
    for Joe, what a gem of a husband!

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Esther,
      Thank you for stopping by & leaving a sweet comment. I am very excited to think that very soon my little cottage will be pink! It is really a happy place so it should have a happy color.And yes….my husband is a gem to go along with it. Xo

  2. Joe says:

    Thank you for bringing some ‘color’ into the world!!!

  3. Jane says:

    Hello Marcia!!!
    Happy 6th of July!!! I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day… Love your 4th of July headband in the photo… I love celebrating this holiday… The house is awash in Red White and Blue… What a blessing we have been given to be born in such a wonderful country!! I made your darling pie tarts and they were a big hit. Such a perfect dessert for the day.. I also, made some lime curd ones with lots of whipping cream and of course fresh raspberries… YUMMY! The fireworks were lovely this year… but of course they always are – aren’t they?
    I had been busy entertaining during your last few blogs and I so wanted to comment on them… but with company it was a bit difficult….
    First, your get away sounded divine…It is always so nice to get away for a bit and then to come home and be so happy to be among all your loved treasures… it makes you appreciate what you have… Home Sweet Home….It is comforting to be surrounded with your own home and it makes one feel secure like being draped in a little cocoon. Your garden looks amazing… Every time you post another blog in the garden I see more little treasures scattered here and there.. I have to say with the rains we had here in Southern California the flowers are divine… such color, scent and growth this time…. just a taste of what Heaven must be like…
    I so love the color pink on your darling cottage along the Oregon Coast! It is such a happy color and I am sure it is standing out so sweetly. I see that it is a perfect backdrop for your garden. I am happy to see that you too are married to a real man who by the way is handsome! I am married to my best friend who is also quite handsome and my dear hubby does not have a problem with pink… In fact, before I decided to go with the coastal colors our home reeked of pink… very shabby chic…. lots of floral cabbage roses…Some of my girlfriends would say that their husbands would never have pink…. but we know that real men do not have troubles with pink… wink wink….. I imagine all your girl friends love coming over to your cottage to play house and tea party. I so wish I lived in the neighborhood so I could drop by to say hello and maybe share a cuppa in that darling garden of yours!!
    Well, speaking of gardens… I am off to water mine…. Happy day to you sweet friend and I look forward to hearing more about the darling pink cottage along the Oregon Coast…. and all of your escapades….

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Jane,
      Sounds like you had a fabulous 4th! Company is always fun & if yours was from out of town I’m certain they are enjoying Laguna this time of year. Btw…my headband came from the local Dollar Tree. (one of the few chain stores here…however soon there will be a Dollar General) Happy to hear the tarts were a success. I plan on baking up some lime ones myself (with lots of whipping cream too!) We hosted a little BBQ & then later did a progressive dessert thing at a friend’s home around the corner. That was fun! Yes it would be fun to have you in the neighborhood. I am very excited about this litttle pink cottage! The painters still have a ways to go before it’s complete. I’ve been taking our little doggy Cami to daily practices (she is playing Toto in the local commmunity theatre) for The Wizard Of Oz & I so agree….”there’s no place like home” especiallly when they are pink! Ha! Thank you for such a nice visitEnjoy your weekend my SoCal friend

  4. Allegra Sophia Bridges says:

    Can’t wait flor the video tour…soon!

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Allegra,
      Yes a future tour of a little pink house would be fun!(perhaps John Mellencamp’s “Litttle Pink Houses” in background) Thank you for inviting me to your home. I love the changes & can’t wait to see which door might be painted pink…Xo

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