This is going to be the “Best Day Of My Life”. ..♡


💕There are memories which will be close to our hearts forever….💕~Marcia



Here’s a re~post from a fb memory. It is from 2013. One of my last birthday celebrations while still living in California. I just had to share it with you. Hope you enjoy it. btw….have you ever had or given a surprise birthday party?



This Is Going To Be The Best Day Of My Life

Hello,  Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage.  I’m so thrilled to see you today, because it’s my birthday!.. And I feel like I’ve been celebrating all month! Oh wait. .  I have! I’m feeling very grateful today. Grateful for my health, grateful for my charming and adoring husband. .. grateful for the best furry kids ever. ..Grateful for many friends… and very grateful for  a few very near and dear ones. All of which are part of my wonderful life. Oh and of course I’m grateful for YOU. Thank you for stopping by. I’d love to share a moment of the absolute BEST day of my life. . Its called “A Surprise Birthday Party!”


Ummmm. “Joe… Why are our neighbors partying on our deck?)



“Oh my goodness. ..” this is when I heard the lovely heavenly voices of family and friends singing “Happy Birthday”. ..♡and at that moment, I did fall totally apart. Don’t worry dear friend. . It was a good falling apart.







Thank you sweet Heather for holding Cami for me.  Hi Madeline and Katie!



My family. ..Manny, Leticia, Danny and Edith.♡



Our neighbors…And friends…



How did Becky and Beatrice keep it from me!




Sister Eileen and Margo had lots to talk about. ..♡



My forever sassy friend Donna… Who I later  found out was a little under the weather. .. But she said she just had to be there. .. Now I’m all teary eyed again. ♡



All these ladies are so beautiful. .. inside and out.


Becky’s fabulous apple cider…everyone wanted the recipe.

She even brought her adorable colorful mugs.

Below is a surprise birthday gift from my high school friend Kathy. ♡ She lives in Ohio now.

Sweet little gifts. …


So much JOY…

The MOST beautiful cake in the WHOLE wide world. …♡

My dear friend Lillian. .. She became in charge of handing me ALL the beautiful gifts I received .♡(Giggle, giggle)
Lisa did a great job putting everything away again. .♡
Isn’t that a happy looking tablescape….♡
The gifts of friendship and love are precious. ♡


Dear friend. .. You must come over for tea!

Original art by folk artist Donna Moses who lives in Carmel,  Ca. (One of my fave places) ♡Thank you cousin Richard!











Party planner and photographer extraordinaire,  Pat looks awfully proud of herself too! Xoxo. ..

” The Best Day of my Life” .. The day was so special. … When I look at the JOY I felt… being surrounded by such wonderful special friends,  and family who are part of my life. I love you all! Thank you for being a part of my celebration. I know I’m the luckiest,  and most JOYFUL lady alive. ♡

A celebratory 29th!


Partners in crime. .. The one on the left is my cousin Richard. The one on the right is my adoring partner and husband on this wonderful journey we call life.♡

Thank you for stopping by my friend,  and helping me share my joy.  I hope you have the BEST day ever. ♡


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  1. Jenny Bonynge says:

    How fun that party must have been! May you celebrate many more in the future!!! XO

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