To Thine Own Self Be True

“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes…In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Hi there! I hope that you had a wonderful week. I continue organizing things around the cottage. Things can accumulate rather quickly here if I’m not diligent in my simple living philosophy.


I must constantly stay in tune to myself. Listening to that small voice.

I think You know the one I mean.Your best friend. you… 


The voice that knows deep down about things that are really important. Those priorities in life.


I must admit that at times it’s not so easy to hear it.


It is no surprise that my attitude toward others reflects back on my sense of self.


And, the good relationships in my life help to serve as models for how to be my own best friend.


One of my favorite ways of listening is taking walks.


Here I’m free to all distractions that often want to grab my inner thoughts and run like wild.


It’s a solo date that helps me enjoy my own company in a positive way.


I often have conversations with myself, and this is where I listen very carefully to what things might need adjusting.  What things are adding up in your life today? When you step on the scale do you see surprising numbers in your weight?


Many years ago, my best friend (me) suggested I stop being so concerned with how much I “weighed” and more concern with how I felt.


So, now I rarely get on the scale. This doesn’t work for everyone. However, it seems to be working out for me. I listened to my BFF. Anyway, this time of year is a popular time when goals are tacked onto most everyone’s agenda. Instead, I devised a simple reminder on my kitchen chalkboard.


Here’s my sweet gentle reminder of the ways I’d like to enjoy 2016.

Enjoy your weekend!


It does rain more here on the coast. (as compared to my former sunny California) However,  last weekend was simply beyond gorgeous. Here’s a peek.

And,  here’s a recent What I Wear. The articles of clothing are items I’ve owned for years. Enjoy!

Thought you might enjoy an entertaining French moment…

Your closest relationships seem to matter most for your health.” ~Dr. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser

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2 Responses to To Thine Own Self Be True

  1. Joe Kuehner says:

    Thank you for such a fun filled reflective post that invites me to take some special time for me!

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