There’s no place like home


”Home is a place we all must find, child. It’s not just a place where you eat or sleep. Home is knowing. Knowing your mind, knowing your heart, knowing your courage. If we know ourselves, we’re always home, anywhere.” ~Glenda the Good Witch

 Hello my wonderful friends how was your week?

The other day during a practice with Toto (aka Cami) I thought about a retreat in SoCal I had attended this last January  6 months ago and a question I returned home with. The question being “How am I going to get more grounded and rooted here on the Oregon coast?” my new home

Retreats are good in the way they give you oppportunities to reflect  on the direction your life is going yellow brick road (have you ever attended one?)

That being said I am happy to see that six months later & with just a tad bit of effort on my part am feeling a little more grounded here.

Halfway into 2017 I reflect on the year and see how music has been an important thread in my life and now it’s providing more for me in this new chapter

A seed was planted at that retreat and with guidance I returned home becoming open to share a deeper part of myself. being of service

Playing the piano at a small church I attend is one way to connect more deeply

and just recently allowing our precious little dog Cami to be part of a small community theater production of the Wizard of Oz

a story about the importance of Home, Friendship, and the Transformative Power of Love.

The journey of life and all its twists and turns, bumps and bruises, new friends, old friends and sometimes even a few flying monkeys along the way.😉

Not a perfect life where we necessarily know where we are going or if  any of our hopes/dreams will come true but to have a path we can follow and share with others along the way.

Every step of the way appreciating where we are and the joy of our journey.


Cheers to a wonderful weekend!

Oh, and speaking of the weekend I almost forgot to mention that this weekend I will be entering my apple pie in the County Fair. The winner gets a new oven! I entered last year and really had fun! Wish me luck! Here’s the link for that post Coos County Fair  I’m going to try out a different recipe and will make sure to post it.😉

Now….what do you say we go for a walk on this beautiful coast…of mine😘


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8 Responses to There’s no place like home

  1. Joe says:

    Thank you for the reminder of the different paths one may choose in life, I believe you are on a very meaningful one!
    Wow, the pie looks wonderful

  2. Jenny Bonynge says:

    Reflection is necessary in helping us along this life journey and we all need to be reminded of this…thanks Marcia! (Mmmm! That pie looks delicious!)

  3. Carol Hingle says:

    Marcia…I love your blog….hope you win the contest

  4. Jane says:

    Happy Sunday Marcia!
    I so enjoyed this posting… and I am so happy that we have met along the winding path of life… a blessing… Retreats are indeed a wonderful way to spend some time reflecting on one’s life and how we want to use this precious time we have… life is not always easy as we know but the wonderful times are amazing and such a gift! I love cleaning the altar at Church because it is such a quiet time and you can spend the time as you clean reflecting on the blessings you have been given..
    Happy to see that little sweet Cami will be Toto in the Wizard of Oz production how fun… Hopefully you will be able to post a little of that production for us…
    The pie looks simply delicious – good luck on winning first prize!
    Thank you sweet friend for another thoughtful and lovely posting which gets us thinking of the path that we have chosen to follow with hopefully great joy and kindness to one another….

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Jane!
      I too am so glad Our paths have crossed! And thank you for your very kind words you’re so sweet. One of the nicest things about blogging is that I have met wonderful friends here. Your visits always make me very happy. Recently the stage manager for the production mentioned that Cami needs to be looking like a farm dog & not so much as a posh city dog ha!ha! I haven’t quite figured out yet how to do that. Take care my friend. Xo

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