ThE TiMe To Be HaPpy Is NoW….♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy Saturday! I am hoping you have something fun, and special planned for today. Because. ….you deserve it!

I Had a wonderful week….

I did a little fixing, gardening,

 creating, organizing, arranging, and conquering! And, I would bet that you most likely did a little of each, this past week too.

So, take today and be kind to yourself. As I look back on this week’s posts, I see kindness is so important. And,  sometimes, we forget to include ourselves  in the kindness act equation. Some of the kindest people I know, are also very kind to themselves.  So, what kind things are you doing for yourself this weekend?

Perhaps, you already have planned on some alone time, to just listen to your own thoughts. Maybe, you will go somewhere new—a shop you have wanted to visit, a park across town, or jog/walk a new route. (Ok! I think I will!)

Get lost in the adventure of exploration~ of course I don’t mean literally….just be open to something new. I have plans to say yes to something new this weekend. After all, it’s Saturday…. and I have just finished creating a whole little room/closet. yippee!

 It is so adorable….I just want to throw a party and dance!

                         And, maybe, I will too…..

                 Happy weekend sweet friend….



Make a list of 25 things you want to do before you die. Carry it in your wallet and refer to it often.
~H.Jackson Brown Jr.

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