The Garden Lady


I’m thinking that the first women’s group I ever joined was in second grade. The group was called Bluebirds. I loved that little group. I can’t remember why I wasn’t in it for very long.  Anyway since then, there have been a variety of women’s groups I’ve participated in.  The groups vary, just as the women I’ve met who participated in them. The range being from down to earth groups, to more privileged clubs. And have included everything in between. I enjoy women’s friendships very much, and know from personal experience that these friendships have helped me grow. Recently I met an amazing lady. I refer to her as my Garden Lady friend.


The Garden Lady is inspiring. Weighing little more than perhaps a hummingbird. (metaphorically speaking…grin)


Her diminutive size is deceiving however.


And, similar to the sweet hummingbird has little to do with how she seems to float effortlessly through what I’d consider hard work.


One recent afternoon I quietly observed her at work.


I know that  might sound a little quirky, but what can I say…I am an investigative reporter. (grin)


Anyway, I began realizing the many ways she teaches me how to live more joyfully.


Observing her reminded me that working in the garden reduces stress, increases happiness, and what I know for sure helps me sleep better. I got exhausted just watching! (giggle)



My Garden Lady seems to use all her energy, and determination to achieve her goals for the day.


She also reminds me that friendships come in  a variety of ways. Shared interests, common goals, and different ways of experiencing life. Often we spend time just chatting about this, and that.  My garden is small here on the coast, and I’m grateful that my Garden Lady does’t mind doing the work that I don’t particularily enjoy. However, I do enjoy nature, love beauty, and creating little spaces of it everywhere. So, I’m making sure to spend a little time each day tending to all these things. With that said…I’m off to chat and plant with my Garden Lady.

Happy Weekend!







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5 Responses to The Garden Lady

  1. Joe Kuehner says:

    Thank you for your beautiful post and celebrating your “Garden Lady ”
    She is fortunate to have you, too!

  2. Nancy says:

    Always a joy and pleasure to read your posts. Your “Garden Lady” is so special. Loved the tour of your outdoor spaces. We are having rain and it is quite damp and chilly out of doors. Second day of off and on showers that are to continue into the weekend. So no special plans at the moment. Yesterday I did visit with a friend I met through one of my groups: Friends of the Library! Loving books like I do, it was a natural to join the group when I moved here several years ago. She is doing some serious downsizing and asked if I would be interested in looking at her Mother’s teacup collection which she was willing to part with having no real investment. Was thrilled and purchased the whole box full of teacups and demitasse cups. Guess my weekend project will be making space to display them! And then on Saturday, the local historical society is having their annual Victorian Tea. Attending that with friends I have made thru DAR!! Need to decorate a hat, too. So, guess I do have some very neat and fun plans for the weekend. Best to you, as always!

    • Marcia ren says:

      Hi Nancy! Thank you for your sweet comments, and may I say it’s always wonderful to see you. It’s been fun to create a new space in the garden. Takes time to get a feel for what is needed, what I like, and what will grow. Friends of the Library sounds like a perfect group. I hadn’t realized that you are relatively new to your area also. Sounds like a nice connection was made with the friend and teacups. Did you find a special place to display them? And, lucky you to be attending a Victorian Tea! Oh, would love to see your hat! I have several friends in DAR. They really enjoy it. Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! Hugs!

  3. Jenny Bonynge says:

    Hi! Your garden is progressing nicely, lucky you to have a good helper. I bought some flowers to plant today and am envisioning them at maturity…pretty! Petunias, dianthus (a favorite of mine in it’s many variations), portulaca and some snapdragons… Have a great weekend!

    • Marcia ren says:

      Hi Jenny! So nice to see you! Little by little I am creating small spaces around the garden. I love your choice of flowers! It will look beautiful I’m sure. Sounds like your place is coming along nicely with the unfolding process of time and effort also! Hopen your enjoying your weekend. Xo

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