SiR DuKe….LoRd EaRl Grey…..♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy Saturday….Are you as glad as I am, that today has arrived….finally!

I only say that because…

 yesterday seemed like it was never going to end.

*If you have been reading this blog for a while, you are aware that I have four furry kids. And they are named after teas….♡

This is the order of their arrival….Lady Teah, (pekingese with papers)

 Lord Earl Grey,(pekingese with papers)

 Darjeeling, (stray)(feline)(no papers)

 and Cami. (rescue/Maltese) (deserves to have papers) They are all loved and adored.

Well, anyway….Lord Earl Grey, had a strange look on his adorable face yesterday morning.

And, since I know my kids very, very, well…I knew that something was wrong when I picked him up, and held him…he felt really warm. I monitored him for about an hour. After that I decided I better take him to our vet. The vet that I go to is great, however you don’t make appointments.

 This means that you wait, 

and wait, 

and wait. Yesterday, I was there for over 4 hours… sigh….

Two xrays, revealed some degenerative stuff going on,

along with a small growth. The vet made some suggestions, and I plan to follow
them to a TeA! (grin)

So, since yesterday...and for the next week Lord Earl Grey will be taking three different medicines, two times a day…and needs to be loved, and protected even more than usual. The vet said to try to keep him stationary. No walks. Earl loves his walks.

 No chasing Teah. Earl loves to chase Teah. This morning he seemed to be doing a little better, so I picked him up, and let him hang out on our deck for the morning.

 He enjoyed that.I’m wondering if you have any pets, that are like kids/family to you? If you do then you know how difficult it is to see them aging….of course, I shed a few tears yesterday. of course. Dear reader say a little prayer for my sweet Lord Earl Grey…I think he’d really like that. Oh, and of course so would I. Of course…

                                         Xoxo. ..

* In case this is your visit to my blog

oh, and for a ridiculous amount of brag photos of my furry kids:

“Peace is inevitable to those who offer peace.”~Course in Miracles

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