Postcards From Paris…The River Seine


Good memories are our second chance at happiness”

Queen Elizabeth II



Hello, dear friend…



I have returned from my… Saturday walk

relaxed a bit…and now headed out for the Seine River cruise.



Since the weather was perfect…and had plenty of time to get there…we decided to walk. However…after about 15 minutes of strolling along we realized that we weren’t as close as first thought so now decided that perhaps we better take a cab.



Oddly there weren’t any available…we started walking faster and faster… a little nervous (p.a.n.i.c.e.d) that perhaps we would miss our cruise.



Between asking a few people for directions…and walking really really fast we did arrive at the river with plenty of time before departure.



Everything worked out.



While we waited to board we struck up a conversation with a couple from New Jersey who were also celebrating their wedding anniversary.















The dinner cruise was…romantic…charming…dazzling from the beginning… passing some of the city’s most fabulous sites and monuments…



resulting in one of my favorite memories.


stay tuned for a visit to Monet’s Gardens



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9 Responses to Postcards From Paris…The River Seine

  1. Joe says:

    Thank you for taking us along on this fabulous trip!
    The river cruise seemed so romantic and a memorable way to experience Paris in the evening.

  2. Jenny Bonynge says:

    A dinner cruise DOES sound romantic! How lucky you both are…

  3. Pat Stansel says:

    Beautiful scenic pictures —any shots of the dinner ?

  4. Mary Schumeyer says:

    I listened to Moon River and it set the mood for viewing your lovely photos. The photos and memories of your magical visit to Paris, are wonderful. It’s all so amazing and dreamy. By the way, I love the song, Moon River. I thoroughly enjoyed the instrumental version, but my all-time favorite version is Andy Williams’s. I also sang this song in 9th grade chorus, and just adored singing it. Love the Paris photos so much!

    • Marcia says:

      Hi Mary!
      You are so sweet with your comments…thank you. I love the Andy Williams version too. I am thinking you must have been a wonderful addition in your 9th grade chorus! What wonderful memories…

  5. Donna Kelly says:

    I am laughing because of COURSE you found new friends from New Jersey on this trip!!!! Sooooo you xoxo

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