OH! OH! OH! All About ME!

This post has been slightly re~edited from an original post dated December 6, 2013

Hello, welcome to Marcia’s cottage. I’m thrilled you stopped by today because I have some exciting news!

Brrrrrrr……its freezing out here. Shall we go inside and have a cup of tea?

Well, I have a great day planned.  My dear friend called earlier this week, and told me that the artist Mary Englebreit will be at a local gift shop today. My friend invited me to go and meet her… She knows I LOVE this artist! OH! OH! OH!
“of course!” I said.

           I have several ME decorating books.

This is the first home I bought on my own. …♡It had a white Picket fence with hearts cut out in it.

This is my second home!

This is the same home as above. ..I Just wanted to show my cute little red sports car. The license read Dare2bU.  You can tell I’ve been a Cottage kind of Lady forever.  I’ve also been inspired by Mary Englebreit because she uses such happy, cheery colors in her art… And I LOVE cheery happy! And her words are always positive, and bright. ♡

And because words are powerful…. that is VERY good!

This little quote was on my classroom board my Last year of teaching.♡

This is a photo from long ago… I’m in the kitchen in the very first Cottage I ever bought.  I painted little black and white checkered designs, and sewed ME curtains.  I loved this kitchen so much. ♡ it was a 1926 Cottage, and so ME!!!!

One year I had a Christmas tree that had all ME ornaments.♡

Oh, and did I mention about the signed lithograph I once won…You can tell dear friend I’m a real ME fan.


This is me with ME!




   I have been so fortunate to live in such charming cottages over the years. … joyous and fun memories. ♡

              I’ve been so lucky to have lived in such charming cottages the last 20 plus years! oh sorry for repeating myself!

Edit update~ I’m now living in this sweet 1946 cottage on the beautiful Oregon coast. Yes…I do love my cottages!


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4 Responses to OH! OH! OH! All About ME!

  1. Bernideen says:

    This is a darling place – love the garden!

  2. Jenny Bonynge says:

    Oh! Oh! Oh! If I’d known that ME was going to be HERE IN OREGON I would have driven over there to the coast. ;0( Dear me…Well, I’m sure you would gladly sub for me with all of your enthusiasm! ;0) Yes, I must say I LOVE your dwellings both former and current.

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