ChAnEl, SqUiRrEls, FrIeNdS…and a PiG…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy Friday! How was your week?

Well..dear reader my days have been interesting. I continue getting ready to move. Even though our home just recently went on the market. I am a firm believer that what we put out to the universe comes into our lives. Soooo our move will happen at some point. (grin)

Also, I believe it’s best to be prepared for when our darling cottage sells. Soooooo, I made another trip to a local charity and donated  a few more things (6 bags) of things such as dishes, decorations, pillows, etc. Things that I once loved, loved, loved. It’s quite liberating to be free of things.

Oh, trust me I’m not giving everything away. I have sold some things to a few local venders, and of course friends.

And, I am also bequeathing a few faves to my nearest, and dearest. (grin)

 It’s interesting for me to experience our home now, as things are literally disappearing. I’m practicing my “living in the present” moment.

Until it’s time. ..and eventually we will be heading up the coast to our new place.

 I look at our surroundings with a deeper love, appreciation, and of course gratitude for how fortunate I’ve been.

Our little squirrels Harvey, and Pearl (we named them) look so sweet chasing around in the trees. I’ll miss them.

Lately all sorts of  fun surprises have occurred. For instance, recently when I went to get a manicure, one of the ladies had just purchased a pig for a pet. She was squealing with delight! The lady, not the pig.

I might have squealed just a little too when I saw it…it was very cute. I also squealed when one of my “new” friends had returned from NY…and dropped by with a Chanel bag for me.

She actually held up two…and said “pick one” I grabbed  chose the one I loved with a little squeal….

it sure does feel good being a minimalist…..*wink*wink*oink*oink

                                                         Squeals to your weekend….



“And suddenly you know it’s time to try something new. …and trust the magic of beginnings. “~anonymous

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