MoOnStRuCk. …♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy Tuesday! I’m not sure where you live…however, Monday’s are my 2 mile walk days…and boy, oh boy did I feel  the warmer weather along with the humidity yesterday. I guess it would help if I got out a little earlier.

Truth is I stayed up way too late the night before… being moonstruck. …♡

August 10, was the date of this years brightest Supermoon, along with the Perseid meteor showers across the sky between Aug. 11th-13th.

All this shine, and showers seem to effect my sleeping. Well, I must admit I’m a romantic at heart kind of gal…

And take advantage of any opportunity for watching the moonrise . It’s the ultimate magic.  I’m all for enJoYing the magically bright, and heavenly light. (grin)

                                                    I’ve been moon watching for several days now…

                                                               taking photos everyday.

                                                And lucky for me, Joe was still on vacation…

                                           because, of course he’s my great assistant. of course

 One evening we went hiking on a small hill behind where we live, and I thought I saw a spaceship…. But it was only the beautiful moon coming in for a landing.

    How exciting if it had been a real spaceship…wouldn’t that be out of this world…something to phone home about. (smile) And, of course I’d offer everyone tea. Of course.

I read that a dark sky free of clouds is the best way to see the meteors.

And that you should be as far away as possible from city lights. Our street doesn’t have any street lights…how lucky is that!

 Oh, and also that NASA recommends lying flat on your back with your feet facing northeast and looking up. silly NASA, don’t they know that makes it hard to sip tea...hmmmm …What were they thinking. ….♡


Once a year,go someplace you’ve never been before.
~Dalai lama




Just in case you missed the first one..*wink*wink

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