LiStEnInG to the SoNg of LiFe. …♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we sit down and enjoy a cup of tea..♡

I LOVE ArT. Particularly art that depicts beautiful gardens, landscapes, and cozy inviting homes. This is a lithograph by artist Mary Englebreit…..♡ I purchased this over 20 years ago.  I’ve never tired of looking at it. Daily it reminds me how I want to live. ♡

                   This is a view from our kitchen window. ..♡

This art work is by Susan Rios… By the way, years ago when I saw/fell in love with this piece of art. I made payments on it for almost one year! It is titled “Listen to the Song of Life.”

                        A view from our parlor window…

             I LOVED this little picture SO much,  that I purchased a zillion cards that had it on the cover. ♡

 What I actually do is ThIs. …. When I “SEE” something that looks appealing, or draws me in at a deeper level. I try and duplicate it in my life. Ironically this can come in many different ways. For example, if I meet someone who is living a life that attracts me. . It could be that I think they eat healthy, dress fashionably, know how to budget, or perhaps are kind to others…. Then I want to learn EVERYTHING I can about how to bring “that” certain something into my own life.  I’m  wondering if YOU ever do this too…. I sure hope so! Because THATS how we learn to live life more authentically and JoYfUl….♡

                                                 Xoxo. …

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