Just A Little


💕”True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance…but never in heart.”💕

 I have to confess that at times I might be a little too competitive.

Only at times…

(just a little)

teeny tiny bit


I’ll be the first to admit that where I live just might be a little difficult to get to.

(Just a little)

teeny tiny bit

I mean seriously let’s face it how many people do you know who actually live between a

forest 🌳 & 🌊 the ocean?

most likely…

(just a few)

teeny tiny few

Which could explain why we might not get that many out of state visitors just dropping in on us.

Anyway getting back to this teeny tiny competitive nature I sometimes have. The most recent involves a rival with a guy named Joe (yes…my husband😉)who as you might have guessed happens to be a little competitive.


(just a little)

teeny tiny bit.

This competition is about which of us will get the most out of state friends to drop in for a visit.

I’m thinking this friendly teeny tiny competition might have started the first year we moved to the Oregon coast and Joe’s good friend happened to drop by for a visit.

After his friend left, Joe jokingly said “our first visitor came from my friend so & I guess I scored”

 Last year the score was tied and then Joe won. again

The good thing is since this is a friendly competition…

The other evening over dinner while discussing a recent friend’s visit. (my friends from California) Joe and I realized that we’re both winners and graced by the presence of our friend’s visits which allows us to share our home and new life.

By the way…

I’m currently winning…

(just a little)

a teeny tiny bit (wink)😘

I’m sharing a table setting of yummy treats from a local bakery. The ready baked fresh treats  were perfect for my visitors that dropped by this week. 😘

They included peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies, cranberry bars, & almond walnut pie bars. I cut the cookies & bars into 4 smaller slices each and served with tea.


How’s about we take an evening walk…



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6 Responses to Just A Little

  1. Joe says:

    Okay, you are winning(a teeny, tiny bit)!!
    By the way, great treats!!

  2. Jane says:

    Hello sweet friend!

    I just got home from Kentucky late yesterday afternoon and I am now sitting down catching up with my emails… I saved yours for last since I love to savor your yours.. They are always so beautiful, with lovely photos, music and loving sayings they are
    always so happy and uplifting.. I am always so excited to see what you are posting when I find one among my emails… Happy dance…
    I enjoyed this posting…. Friends are such special treasures that we have been gifted with… especially along this winding path of life… It seems that both you and Joe are blessed with good friends… even if you are winning just by a tad bit…. I am sure that once your friends come for a visit to the little pink cottage along the sea, they will be back sooner rather than later… You live in a bit of Heaven on Earth….
    I have a dear friend who is coming over for a visit on Friday and I will be baking some pumpkin cookies to serve with tea My mouth was watering as I saw all the dainties you were showing us what you had baked and were beautifully presenting and
    serving for tea… I think I mentioned on Facebook that I would have loved a cuppa of the sweet spice tea… one of my favorites although, I have never tried that brand… I must look for it… I love your beautiful china pattern… It is just lovely!!! What is the pattern? It sets such a beautiful table…
    I showed my dear husband Dan your photos of the riders on the shore and he so loved the photos of the horse back riders … Dan used to ride as a young boy and had his own horse. We both grew up in the San Fernando Valley where he could ride in the open fields but he always wanted to ride along the shore and he finally got his wish about 10 years ago but he would love to do it again… seeing the photos you posted had him wishing for another chance. We have horses but we don’t ride them… That’s why we went back to Kentucky to buy and sell… We race them….. I guess Dan has never gotten the horses out of his blood…
    I am going to Disneyland with my sister and my nieces and nephews on Friday night. It is their annual Mickey and Friends Halloween event. It is so much fun! We are dressing up in our glow in the dark skeleton pajamas since everyone is encouraged to wear a costume that night. When you arrive at the park they give you a trick or treat bag and you go from candy station to station all over the park trick or treating. I always come home with such a large bag that I do not have to buy candy for the children who show up at my door on Halloween…. Have you been? I like it because I get to be a child again that night… such fun and I love spending time with my nieces and nephews…
    Well, sweet friend I have been chatting your ear off…. thank you again for all making me so joyful with all of your lovely postings… I so enjoy each and everyone of them….

    P.S. Pets to Cami and Darjeeling….

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Welcome home Jane! I was a little concerned about you when I found out that your flight was delayed. However it sounds as if everything went well. What fun to have a race horse! It sounds like you live a very privileged and blessed life. I’m happy for you. I too always loved horses…just never owned one. When I lived in Brea I would often rent one for an hour and ride in an area called Carbon Canyon. I was in college at the time. I think back on those days and realize I was quite daring. Often I’d be the only person riding up in the hills. Oh to be really young and no thoughts of danger in the world. Ha! Anyway way I first moved here Joe gave me a Valentine’s gift to go riding on the beach. I invited a friend, and off we went! I wrote a post it’s called “Girls Just Want To Have Fun!” a very fun day indeed. I look forward to one day having tea together. Perhaps it will be pumpkin spice. I’m wondering when your birthday is? October? November? Pray tell….
      My dishes are a set I purchased at a fun little shop here. They aren’t a complete set. I figured it would be alright because at the time I didn’t have many friends here. (grin) anyway I too loved the pattern. (I use to have several china sets when I lived in California. Got rid of all of them. The set in the photo is Staffordshire England and called Myott. Very vintage looking. I have searched for replacements (because now I have more friends) and they are terribly expensive. So I try to invite no more than 4 to tea. Problem solved.
      While I’m thinking about it I just want to thank you for all your super kind comments and complements. You make blog writing worth all the effort. It’s fun to hear from my readers. (Especially wonderful ones like yourself)
      We have the same seasonal romping grounds too. I have attended the Disneyland Halloween Event. It’s been several years now, however I remember it as if it were yesterday. I loved how they closed the park and made it special. It was such fun! Your glow in the dark pj’s sound adorable!
      And yes you get enough candy to last until the following year!
      It seems as if there were something else I wanted to say…most likely it will come when I least expect. Anyway thank you again for being such a wonderful friend. I love our chats.
      I better run now I checked the time and I’m due at a little lunch gathering in about 30 minutes! Take care my friend. Be safe. xo

  3. Carol Hingle says:

    Both you and Joe are winners….I love your blog….love that you share the beauty that you are surrounded by….and how great is it that you guys will be able to share more time together…I dream through your lovely photos….

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Carol!
      So nice to see you again. I love when you stop by, you make me feel happy that you enjoy experiencing the beauty here on the Oregon coast. Joe and I are lucky and seem to be quite aware of how fortunate we are to have so much beauty around us. You seem like such a kind person. I hope that where you live you too experience the beauty of nature. Thank you again for your sweet comments. They mean so much. xo

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