Just a little floored

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage by the Sea. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.


How are you doing? I hope the week was good to you. Things are moving along in my corner of the world. Well,  sort of, kind of. ..


2016-05-08 17.22.25

I say sort of because it seems as of lately I’ve been hearing voices.


No worries though  ..I’m really fine. Nothing to be concerned about.


It’s just that this little cottage has been speaking to me BIG time.


Who knows, perhaps it has something to do with my moving to the Oregon coast one year anniversary date quickly approaching.(wow. ..that was a mouthful)




I don’t know about you but anniversary dates have always made me feel just a little anxious…or something.


When I first arrived here she gave me the silent treatment.


She really wasn’t talking to me at all. Oddly, now that I think about it…I might have even heard a few whimpers. Perhaps, she didn’t trust me.


Maybe she thought I was a temporary dweller, and didn’t really love her.


That she was only a whim of mine.


I must admit I am a little whimsy at times. So, I actually don’t blame her for the silent treatment.

20160511_083016I know now that she has been waiting many years to be loved.


I still haven’t heard all of her story and somehow now it doesn’t really matter to me, and isn’t even that important anymore.


What is important is that she seems to be so overjoyed that someone is finally loving her again. Taking the time to nurture her soul.



Its quite possible she might even be a little  floored by all the attention she’s been getting.


Well, what can I say…she’s finally talking…and yep you guessed it….

I’m finally listening.


Gotta run!

. .. I hear her calling me again.

See Ya!


Happy Weekend!

We have a 17 1/2 year old furry kid who loves his walks on the coast. His name is Earl.

*Project updates. Flooring is currently being installed. I promise to share updates as they are completed. She will be really floored by then! (wink)

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2 Responses to Just a little floored

  1. Nancy says:

    Love your ‘play on words’!!!! Bet your cottage is “floored” by all her attention. The floor in the bedroom looks lovely. What type of flooring did you chose? My house here is screaming at me!!! Many of my projects are hanging in limbo because I need something to continue the process. Either ran out of supplies, re-thinking an idea, or finding a different direction. And, of course, there is always a book calling my name! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Marcia ren says:

    Hi Nancy! Thank you. One project always turns into another doesn’t it. At first it was just going to be the bedroom…now it is the whole house. The floor is called CorTec. I love it! Have a great weekend!

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