From Brea to the Oregon Coast: A Soulful Journey of Small Town Living

“Small town living is about embracing simplicity, finding joy in the little things, and building strong connections with your community”


Hello, sweet friend…

Growing up in a small town in Brea, California, and now celebrating the milestone of eight years living in a small town along the Oregon coast,SoMeDaY BeYoNd ThE SeA…♡ my reflections take me back to those earlier years. I am reminded of the kind-hearted friends who felt like family in this small community.

While it may sound cliche, small town living often feels like living in a Hallmark movie. The genuine care and concern that community members extend to one another creates a remarkable atmosphere of love and support. Like the heartwarming stories I’ve watched on Hallmark Channel, living in a small town allows for the forging of connections that run deep.

Recently, our small town came together for a historical event that beautifully emphasized the significance of supporting one another. The celebration brought families and individuals from all walks of life together, fostering unity and a sense of pride in their shared heritage. Witnessing the community working hand in hand to organize and participate in this event was a testament to the tight-knit bonds they have formed. It also served as a powerful reminder that supporting one another not only strengthens our individual lives but also enriches the fabric of a community.

This small town’s spirit shone brightly during the weekend…bringing families together and humbly reminding me of the incredible impact we have when we stand united.

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2 Responses to From Brea to the Oregon Coast: A Soulful Journey of Small Town Living

  1. Jose says:

    You have captured the essence and heart of small town living.
    I enjoyed your post very much and delighted in the video.
    Hope you enjoy your Spring and Summer.

    • marcia ren says:

      Hi Jose,
      It’s so nice to see you today and I want to thank you for your comment regarding enjoying my recent post and video. It really makes my day to see such positive kind words. Thank you so much for stopping by and happy summer!

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