End of September….



  A house is built with walls & beams…a Home is built with hopes and dreams

-from a French mural




With summer over and October just around the corner…



I’m reminded what a scrumptious summer this has been



The joy of company…a few get-aways and just recently several simple fun projects completed…I’m ready for October



 a decorative bike…a fresh coat of paint…polka dotted seat…



and a large bouquet of dried hydrageneas presenting a somewhat autumn-y feel.



 a new pathway in the backyard



will come in quite handy once the rainy season arrives



it was easy freshening up a wreath to the entrance…



with pops of coral…



However…my favorite mini project was a fresco looking mural recently completed this past week.



Deciding on an area above the small dresser which sits in the living room



I got to work…



 adding a special touch…





a certain something…je ne sais quoi



to a cozy room intended for small gatherings.



These projects…



will surely brighten up a cottage…



and new month.



How about you… anything new going on?




October Blessings….🍂



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3 Responses to End of September….

  1. Joe says:

    Thank you for sharing your decorating for Autumn and the French flair of your cottage!

  2. Jo McCready says:

    Love, love, love the wall decal. It looks beautiful. I am anxious to do some blue(!) pumpkin crafts and decorating this week.

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