A County Fair Pie Entry



“As I entered the kitchen a haze of white flour permeated the air.


And through the haze I discerned a solitary figure in an apron. She shreiked, (to her weary husband)


 ‘I need more unsalted butter!’  I pulled on my coat and deposited myself  into the dark, foggy, misty evening.


Grumbling under my breath I said ‘This is my THIRD trip to the grocery store!’ I thought to myself, ‘What a guy will do for apple pie.’ When I arrived home the flour covered baker was sitting in dismay and said “I really think I should do this in the morning.”  I turned away and sighed with relief.”





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3 Responses to A County Fair Pie Entry

  1. Becky Yohonn says:

    Great post, Joe!

  2. Jenny Bonynge says:

    Ha! Ha! I lived in the country for 40+ years and hated it when I was missing ONE ingredient when I was making something as there was not nearby store. Usually I found a substitution but it sometimes just wasn’t the same. Live and learn… ;0)

  3. Susan Gesch Ramsey says:

    Looks perfect, Marcia! Wish I could taste it. Over here in Southern Utah, many of the apple and pear trees are loaded with fruit.

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