Cloudy with a chance of ….♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage.  Happy Friday! Do you have something special planned for the weekend? I heard there’s a CHANCE of… RaIn.  Yippee!

The other morning when I woke up, it was raining! I was so excited! Well. .. actually it was more like a nice SpRiNkLiNg rain.♡

When I’d heard there was rain in the forecast, I knew that I needed to bring in the pillows from our outside deck.

Any guesses how many…40! (Big wide smile)

Later in the morning I moved the pillows into the parlor. That’s when I noticed that the rain SpRiNkLeS had already stopped. And wait a second…. is that SuNsHiNe coming through the window?

Sure enough when I walked outside… It wasn’t raining anymore, and I noticed the ground was hardly even damp. I also started observing the shadows on the ground from the clouds.

I had become enchanted with the light, and was having a delightful time taking photos… and then… when I looked up I saw the most beautiful PuFfY clouds surrounding  me everywhere.♡

Aren’t those clouds amazing! And the more I looked at them the more I started seeing possible images. They were moving quickly, and I thought possibly rain? No just another image. They were so beautiful and fluid like.  I started guessing what they might become. I sort of likened it to the image we might have of ourselves. Especially when we are LoOkInG at making changes in our life. You never know what we will become in the change. ♡(big wide smile)

I’m wondering what this one looks like to you my friend….♡ I sort of saw an angel like mermaid, and a floating heart. Can you see it too?

What do you see?

♡  Home is where the Heart is♡

Before I realized it quite a bit of time had floated by. Yikes! My poor furry kids needed to be fed!

Back inside everything was alright. They had even found a comfy spot.

I asked them to do a little rain dance for you.♡

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed your visit. Have a lovely day, and PeRfEcT weekend.

Xoxo. ..

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