A Christmas Winter Stroll

The final plans are in place for Christmas. Seasonal influences from both the sacred & secular surround us.  Welcome to the magical time of the season.

Christmas is everywhere.




holiday spirit abounds.

Living in Southern California I was use to seeing all the big city kind of stuff.

Malls were almost on every corner, or jump hop on the freeway and you could have your choice for a festive exciting experience during the holidays.

Just recently I was reminded that wonderful things come in small packages as well.

Come along as I take you on a Christmas Winter Stroll through my charming coastal town.

Make sure you are bundled up

it is very chilly on this almost Christmas Eve.

This small town Christmas stroll is an occasion for the local merchants to welcome visitors into their shops

for spiced apple cider, warm gossip, and good cheer.

The store windows are artistically decorated with mermaids, seahorses, and fairy-tale scenes.

The coast guard might just be delivering Santa this year.  Can you smell the fresh fish chowder? For approximately 45 days each year, the world is surrounded by holy images and belief in a love bigger than ourselves.

It’s a magical time for children, and a perfect chance for adults to be childlike.

Sweet blessings…

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  1. Joe Kuehner says:

    Thank you for a wonderful stroll!

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