Blessed. ..♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today. I am feeling very blessed. ♡ Shall we sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. .♡

I love this little teacup. Many years ago I purchased a zillion teacups,  and teapots from a friend who was selling her tea business.  Wasn’t I the luckiest person!

Yes. . Blessed is this life. . And I’m going to celebrate being alive!

How’s your weekend going? I hope it is going fabulous! Do you have something fun planned for today?

I’ve been looking for ways to reinvent some things that I love. For instance I have a ton of these chairs from when I use to give large tea parties. ..They were brownish color. I wanted to brighten them up a bit.  I love this weathered blueish look. ♡

Here’s another one. .. I’m in swoonsville. I’m finding all sorts of fun things to re- purpose.
Yippee! This is part of my plan to become a minalmilist. I have high hopes for myself!
Some friends think I’m overly optimistic, oh well such is life..( Giggle, giggle)

Look at this little piece of wood that I re-purposed a while back. ..I’m wondering if you ever reinvent things too… If you don’t,  I suggest you give it a golly gee try! It’s great fun! I re-purpose my clothes ALL the time… However, I will save that story for a later post.♡

I’m always moving things around the Cottage too,and looking for ways to create a different look. This little basket was brown before I splattered milky white all over it.♡ I always have a variety of paint colors on hand, so that if I feel like changing the look it’s super easy.

This is one of my favorite re-purposed projects.  This was a large wooden picture frame I painted sage Green, and then created a message board. I hung it in our kitchen. It’s so much fun to write special little messages on it.♡ I’m sort of thinking about repainting it another color. We’ll see. (grin)

I do believe that this is my favorite. It’s an old vintage door. I painted it and then painted black chalkboard paint in the middle.  It stands outside our Cottage.  I’m ALWAYS writing cute little messages on it for when company comes over.  I think it’s a special Welcome. ♡

I love this little sign.  I made it years ago when I was still teaching elementary school.  I painted my name on it, and always hung it outside my classroom door. Now I Paint the name of whatever party I might be hosting.♡

This is the same sign. I painted “Christmas in July” on it, when I hosted a summer tea.

I was so excited to re-purpose my sign for my dear friends retirement party. Isn’t it fabulous!

Oh! And I almost forgot the transformed Christmas Cottage sign! ♡a dab of white paint with pink Letters and voila!

I’m getting ready to host a Valentine Tea party. .. so this sign will definitely be getting a make over very soon.

Thank you for such a nice visit today.  I hope I inspired you to re-purpose something you love to create a different and fun look. ♡

                                              Xoxo. ..


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