AdVeNt, GiRlFrIeNdS, aNd CaNdYcAnEs….♡

 Below is a re~edited post from my last Christmas while I still lived in California before the big move I wanted to share it with you. My blog stats show many of you are new readers. This post is one of my favorites because it talks about everything I’m passionate about Home, Friendships, & Love.

Happy Monday, and first week of Advent! (grin)  As the calendar year draws to a close, family schedules, programs, PaRtIeS, and “other” obligations for this time of year are in full motion…

My week was filled with a combination of EvErYtHing….

An afternoon was spent putting up our outdoor ChRiStMaS LiGhTs….

                         Of course, there was a day of decorating our home. Of course…*wink

A necessary day of rest on a rainy day. ..♡


And, it’s funny how the busiest time of year also calls us to a natural contemplation with our lives, and our inner journey.

                                                             This is the advent journey.

                                                                         Actually. ..

I think it’s almost ironic


that the busiest time of year

also calls us to slow down and reflect.

I don’t know about you…

but that’s quite a challenge for me.

I’ve decided that perhaps what I’d do was lower my sights from hours spent in quiet reflection around the hearth…

and try to find the quiet within in the MiDsT of traffic jams, parking lot crushes, decking the halls, scribbling my holiday notes…

and all the other festive, and yet possibly stressful events of the season.

For instance just recently

I gathered with friends for a day of baking.

A homey little festive activity

in the kitchen

The spicy smell of cinnamon

filled the air

and we came together in 

                                                        spirit, fun, love, and celebration.

Of course I’m learning that everything we do can be a form of prayer. Of course. 

                               Especially, on a CaNdy CaNe BaKiNg day with wonderful friends.

“To be able to find joy in another’s joy, is the secret to happiness”~ Daily Inspirations of Joy


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