A Visit To Wild Animal Park…& A Copycat Recipe For Disneyland Peanut Butter Cookies

Animals are such agreeable friends…they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.
– George Eliot

Hello, sweet friends…

Today I thought it would be fun to go on an animal safari…

I mean why not…since most amusement parks are currently closed…not so amusing

and, well let’s face it… things are still feeling a bit cray cray with most of our “normal” social gatherings…

I’m game for hanging out in any environment where it’s not so challenging socially…sign me up!

I have always enjoyed zoos.

Back in my California days I often visited the Los Angeles & San Diego animal parks…

I’m not sure why I hadn’t gone to West Coast Animal Park…Www.westcoastgameparksafari.com

and a little embarrassed to admit it took a pandemic…

for me to finally go check it out.

I’m really glad I did too because it turned out to be a nice outing…

a welcoming and very low key park.

Wearing my tennis shoes and not sandals was a good thing too, because as soon as I entered the park the goats, deer, and sheep (adult & baby) came right up to me…
those cray, cray social animals are everywhere!


This recipe is a copycat of Disneyland’s peanut butter cookies, which is my all-time favorite amusement park. The cookies are soft, chewy and easy to make. I think you will enjoy them!



1 cup butter (softened)

1 cup creamy peanut butter

1 1/4 cups sugar (divided)

1 cup packed brown sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

3 eggs

4 cups flour

2 teaspoons baking soda

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup peanut butter chips

1/4 cup sugar


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

In a large bowl, cream together butter, peanut butter, 1 cup sugar, and brown sugar.

Add vanilla and mix.

Add the eggs in one at a time, mixing well after each one.

In a separate bowl mix the flour, baking soda and salt together. Add to mixture in mixing bowl and stir until completely combined.

Fold in peanut butter chips.

Roll dough into 1 1/2″ balls.

Place 1/4 cup sugar into a small bowl and roll each ball of dough in the sugar until completely covered.

Place rolled dough on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or sprayed with nonstick cooking spray and gently press each dough ball down to 1/2 inch thick.

Bake the cookies for 7-9 minutes.

Remove cookies and allow them to cool on their cookie sheet for about 5 minutes, then move to a wire rack to finish cooling.

These cookies are very soft – you don’t want them to over bake or turn brown at all. They will continue to set-up as they cool.

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  1. Joe says:

    Thank you for that tour of the wild animal park!
    It seemed such fun. And the cookies, well, how wonderful to
    remember Disneyland in that special way!!!

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