A Memorable Journey-My First PEO International Convention In Pittsburgh🌟

We are all just walking each other home

– Ram Dass

I recently embarked on a remarkable journey to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a city I had never visited before. The occasion? The PEO International Convention, a gathering of over 2,000 women from across the nation, all uniting for a common cause…helping women to achieve their highest aspirations in furthering their education through awards, scholarships and loans.

While I had hoped to explore the charming streets of Pittsburgh and capture its essence, my days in the city were primarily filled with workshops and conferences. However, I soon discovered that the knowledge gained in those sessions was equally enriching. These gatherings were not only informative but also a testament to the collective dedication of women from diverse backgrounds who were committed to empowering one another through education.

The highlight of my trip, undoubtedly, was the opportunity to forge new friendships, ones I now proudly call sisters. As the convention progressed, I found myself surrounded by inspiring women who shared their stories, passions, and dreams. It was a heartwarming reminder that regardless of our differences, we are bound by our collective pursuit of knowledge and empowerment.

The convention’s closing evening brought a surprising twist…a chance encounter with someone from my hometown in California. Striking up a conversation, I discovered that she was familiar with our former neighbor, which instantly bridged the gap between us. Laughter and nostalgia filled the air as we reminisced about our shared past, and it was a delightful reminder of the small world we live in.

This week in Pittsburgh was a journey of personal growth and empowerment. I returned home with a heart full of inspiration and a determination to share my experiences and newfound knowledge with others. The PEO International Convention not only broadened my horizons but also reminded me of the power of untity, education, and the lasting bonds we can create when we come together for a common purpose. As I look forward to the future, I am excited to bring forth the lessons and connections from this convention into my life, with a renewed commitment to support women on their educational journeys.

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4 Responses to A Memorable Journey-My First PEO International Convention In Pittsburgh🌟

  1. Jose says:

    What a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing this with me.
    P.E.O. is doing important work for women by women. So glad to see you are a part of this effort.
    Pittsburgh seemed very inviting.
    Thank you, again!!

  2. Carol Hingle says:

    Marcia …you are one awesome woman!

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Carol,
      So wonderful to see you here today. Thank you for your kind comment. You are so sweet! Happy Autumn dear friend. xo

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