A California Spring Tea💐


”Laughter is an instant vacation”~Milton Berle




Since I’ve been out of town all week…I was tickled pink to receive an email from my  California girlfriend sharing a recent Spring Tea. The gals who attended are all dear former colleagues with an accumulative career spanning over 30 years. 💕










Notes from my California girlfriend:

“Sally had the tea at her beautiful home. She just kept bringing loads of delectable food.We had big scones first and were not ashamed that we ate them to the last crumb!  Of course we had a moment of silence for our mentor (you!) as we perused the pot of Oregon Blueberry Preserves (photo of chicken holding jar). Caught up on each other’s lives, families and activities around the table. Laughed so much and really relished the food and each other’s company. Who knew when we were so busy teaching that we would be such good friends forever. Blue skies out the windows, magnificent food (oh that quiche, fabulous salad and perfect fruit combo), and the company of sweet friends made for a great tea time together. We spoke of husbands, children and pets, remembered folks from teaching days and wondered how we ever found the time to work full time. We are now helpers for our families, friends, neighbors and many organizations we belong too. Filling our retirement with good works and are too busy some days!  I made the scones, Sally made everything plus cookies, Donna made choc dipped 🍓.”

















For party favors succulent plantings were made.


’Thank you sweet California girlfriends for sharing your special Spring Tea! And I do agree…who would have known that such a bond of friendships would have been cultivated forever.” Marcia💕




(Do not over-knead/stir the dough)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

In a  large bowl add 2 cups flour +1/4 cup sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder +1/2 teaspoon salt. Dice 3/4 stick of cold butter. Gently rub butter into flour mixture. In a small bowl, whisk together 3/4 cup +1 tablespoon heavy cream plus one large egg. Set aside add *condiments of your choice into the bowl with the dry mixture. Gently add wet ingredients to dry ingredients. Transferred Joe to lightly floured board. Gently roll dough into a bar. Pat into a 6 inch circle. Cut into eight wedges. Place onto parchment cookie sheet. Bake until golden 16-18 minutes. Rotate the cookie sheet halfway through.

* Coconut/shaved chocolate, dried cranberries/walnuts, mandarin orange/pecan, or any combination there of. Serve with lemon curd, jellies or with cream fraiche.



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6 Responses to A California Spring Tea💐

  1. Joe says:

    Food and friendship makes life so wonderful!
    The only one missing from the photo was YOU!!

    Thank you!!

  2. Becky Yohonn says:

    Spring had sprung, flowers were blooming and it was time for tea! There are two ways to glaze those scones. 1) Brush with whipped egg whites and sprinkle with sugar before baking or 2) Brush with half and half milk and sprinkle with sugar before baking.

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Becky,
      Spring is a lovely time for a Spring gathering with special friends. I prefer #1 method for glazing scones…and the sprinkling of sugar makes both perfectly wonderful!

  3. Verna,Harvey says:

    A beautiful home and tea.
    Hope I love a tea party… Thanks for sharing ♥️

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hello Verna!
      Thank you for stopping by for a chat. I hope you have a tea gathering in your future…most delightful!

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