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California Girllfriends

  “It’s astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen” 💞Frances Burnette         I hadn’t planned this trip to Southern California.😎     However after a surprise call one afternoon on a land line phone that rarely rings…and never used. (an unlisted number) I knew I had to go.💕      Considering the trip began late February…     and ended in early March…     it felt like a there and back again kind-a-trip.                 I have to to tell you that today more than ever … Read the full blog post

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Escrow: Open

  Hi Everyone! Catchy title don’t ya think? I sort of felt it was appropo since this coming week specifically May 23, marks one year that our home in Southern California went into escrow. And, being that I’m a pretty introspective  kinda gal, I can’t help but reminisce about that day one year later.   Before I go any further I wanted to share a before and after of that home. Notice I didn’t say our home. The photo says a lot. Actions speak louder than words. It says that the life as I was once living  in So. California is … Read the full blog post

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