Spring Cottage…Part 2..♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea. .

♡ How’s your weekend going so far…I hope great! Do you have anything special planned for today? Perhaps your just having a relaxing Sunday like me. ♡

   My husband and I recently went to Rogers Gardens, where I had purchased a few plants. So today I am getting ready to start digging in the soil, and playing in the dirt.  Now doesn’t that sound  like fun!

Do you see that little area, sort of in the middle…I thought I’d start a vegetable garden there. Last year I planted zucchini, and bell peppers. They did great!  One year I even planted corn. It seems that anything I plant there just flourishes. That’s how I feel about living at our Cottage.  I just seem to thrive, and grow here. I know it sounds odd… But there’s no place I’d rather be.♡

Oh goodness. .. being OuTsIdE reminds me that I wanted to finish showing you the InSiDe of our parlor.  I’ve got a SpRiNg GaRdEn ThEmE going on. I’m getting ready for an EaStEr GaThErInG.  ♡ So let’s go inside. Come on… It will only take  a second. (grin) or two….♡

I meant to show this to you yesterday. It’s a cabinet in our parlor. The artist that painted it for me used a GaRdEnInG Theme. The watering can is painted. Do you see that little teapot to the right? Many years ago a wonderful student’s mom made it for me. It’s ceramic. She hand painted the flowers. On the inside of the teapot, the mother wrote D.T.B.U. Any guesses what the initials stand for? “Dare To Be You”. The parent was convinced that one day I’d open a tearoom somewhere in Santa Barbara. She said she wanted me to put it on a shelf when I did.  Well, I never did open that tearoom,  however I’ve always had it on this shelf.  It’s impossible for me to believe that student is in her late 20’s now!

Here’s that same cabinet. I moved things around. This way I could have real flowers on each of the shelves. The parlor faces South,  and has a lot of wonderful natural light. That rabbit teapot has a story too. Every Spring I bring it out in memory of my sister Marie. She had given it to me many years ago. ♡

This is a basket I’ve had for years.  I just painted it white,  and planted flowers in it. I’m sort of crazy about how it turned out. I just recently purchased those garden sticks. Let’s see if we can get a closer look at those…

     Here we go. Aren’t the colors delightful. They sort of remind me of Kit Kidson, which I’ve just recently fallen in LoVe with. ♡

Okay let’s hop on over to the other side of this room…

I can’t decide where to put some of my new Spring pillows.  I keep moving them around when you aren’t looking….♡

             Just a few touches of the OuTdOoRs. ..


              Oh look a little birdie just flew in. …

       Giving me a sweet gentle reminder .. that the     OuTsIdE garden is once again calling me ….♡

I’m so glad you could stop by. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Have a lovely day. ♡

                                         Xoxo. …

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