Rocky Raccoon


It was a quiet evening when I became concerned about our cat Darjeeling who had been outside a little too long. As I strolled over to the back door and opened it then peered out turning on the light, a shiver went up my spine.  I was confronted by a menacing creature on its hind legs that looked larger than it really was. With a mask like a bandit my consciousness checked in with RACCOON! Immediately I felt my heart begin to pound as I was concerned about myself,  and more importantly my cat Darjeeling. I roused my husband from a deep sleep and said “Darjeeling” is in deep trouble!” He clumsily and hurriedly made his way to the door as I kept repeating “RACCOON!” RACCOON!” RACCOON! He clapped his hands loudly and yelled skat! skat! The problem was Dar’je was still out there in the dark.  Whereabouts unknown. In his bare feet he stumbled around the backyard searching for her. Catching a glimpse of her he lunged forward and grabbed her by the tail lifted her up and put his hands around her then dropped her safely at the door. I subsequently named him Rocky. (the raccoon not my husband)



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  1. Becky Yohonn says:

    Good job, Rocky. Kitty indoors at night?

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