MoNdAy’S MuSiNgS…ThE CoTtAgE PaRlOr…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

Happy Monday! Wherever your weekend travels took you…I hope they were wonderful….♡

I had a wonderful weekend. My little furry child Lord Earl Grey seems to be doing better.(smile) Just goes to show, that meds, and rest work!

I’m so excited to share the cottage parlor with you today.

To me this is why our cottage is referred to as the “Honeymoon Cottage”

Now, promise me that if you haven’t seen this morning’s Marcia’sCottage Vlog, you will.

Just go to my FB page, and there it is! Hopefully, you’ll like my MC page while your there too! (just kidding)

 So, anyway...the parlor is my favorite room in our cottage.

It reeks of charm (grin) And, even though I’m in the midst of getting rid of a lot of things, that I don’t use, or need anymore….

I currently have some sweet decor that fits in well for the Fall season.

The parlor is part of the original home built in 1920, and is used mostly for hosting tea parties.

I must admit that it’s been great having a room just to host my tea parties in!

Do you have a room like that? Of course, I hope you do. ♡

The furniture in this room is used to store many of my teacups, serving dishes, silverware, linens, etc. Today, I’m actually getting ready to host a small Harvest Tea….which marks my 57th tea party in this room since 2004, when we moved here. Amazing.

I have enjoyed collecting fall decor throughout the years…

and it’s been so convenient to store and organize everything in the music room closet.

The decor is shabby chic, and the older everything looks…the more I love it . It’s  important to me for guests to feel welcomed before they even enter this room.

So, I always have a bright banner/flag hanging right outside the door. To me this says: “You’re welcome here…I’m thrilled to see you!” It’s my custom tailored welcome to friends/family. (grin) And, of course dear readers like you. Of course. 

Wishing you an exciting, and fabulous week. 

Marcia’s Cottage Tips:

~The main entrance to your home is a good place to celebrate the changing seasons.  Your front door can always say “Welcome” with a May basket, a fall arrangement of Indian corn, or a green wreath for Christmas.

~Install a flagpole from which you fly multicolored banner/flag that announces the season...Happy Fall!

~The next time you have company, surprise them by writing a thank-you as soon as they leave, thanking them for sharing your event and your life.

Thank you for stopping by today. ..I hope you enjoyed your visit. 

“One thing I know: the only ones among you who are really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve. “
~Albert Schweitzer

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