Life is what you make it…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little tea.

I enjoy making beautiful flower arrangements out of almost anything…somehow I often am reminded of my father, because he had the gift of seeing life’s possibilities too.♡ He was also the most giving man.  One time I was with him in Las Vegas, and as we were walking into a casino, a homeless man asked him for money… and my father replied to him “tell you what. . I’m going inside and will be playing cards for a few hours, and if you are still here when I come out, I will give you half of what I win” (giggle, giggle) yep. .. that was my father. The man was gone when we came out. .. But my father really would have “shared” any of his winnings.♡

A few days ago I was able to help serve dinner at a local homeless shelter.  What a blessing this has turned out to be for ME.

This time we stayed a little later and visited with the people who live there. One of the ladies is there with her daughter.  She had been a realtor, and when the market changed a few years ago, almost overnight had lost her job, most of her Comforts of everything . .. including her home. The shelter has been  wonderful in helping her get back on her feet again. She’s already to start a new life.♡

Believe it or not she told me that she always knew things would be o.k. for her and her daughter.
I had so much admiration for her.♡ Without realizing it she taught me alot about the importance of gratitude.

The next morning when I awoke and went outside… our little cottage seemed like a castle to me. I feel like I try to practice gratitude daily. However these visits to the shelter, are miracle workers in showing me how fortunate I have been. Some of my friends say to  me “Marcia you taught for 32 years. . You deserve. ..etc” I explain that I think we all deserve a wonderful life. There are many people who have worked much harder than I. (like this sweet lady raising her young daughter)

She and her daughter reminded me of the two little angels I have in our parlor. I placed them in a lovely container that a friend had given me. The glass is inscribed “Life is Beautiful” Now when I go into the parlor I’m reminded of this special lady. I’m humbled in so many ways. It’s very easy to be happy when things are going your way… However it takes real strength to endure when you have lost everything.  To me this beautiful women exhibited true joy. Can I share a little secret with you my friend? I’m embaressed to say that I’m not do sure that I’d be as confidant ♡

The next morning I cleaned out some more closets, and dressers.

And looked for items that I once LOVED… but just don’t use anymore. I found a way to make them special and NEW looking.

With Valentines Day just around the corner.. I’m reminded how everyone wants to feel loved, and special. ♡

I went through my closets, and bath cabinet.  I found a billion samples of perfume,  make-up, hair care products that I will never use.. and packaged them up to take to a local women’s Shelter. These women are trying very hard to make a new beginning for themselves.♡
 I’m wondering if you have thought about this my friend…. Perhaps you too have offered things to those in need.  I hope so… because speaking from experience… It sure does bring joy!

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope that you have enjoyed your visit. I hope you have a lovely day.

                                          Xoxo. ..


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