GyPsIeS, InTeRvIeWs, CuPCaKeS, and FrOsTiNg…♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. Shall we have a little tea.

                                          Heyyyyyyyy Happy Friday! How’s everything going…

There’s been some serious channeling of the inner gypsy on this side of the screen…

It’s been about a week since my last post. However, it really feels like   many moods moons ago…

                                      Well, at least for me.  It’s sure been an adventurous week …

                                      *I’ve said good-bye to a few more pieces of furniture.

                                And, as I continue taking small steps towards preparing for our move…

  I realize it might seem a “little” odd to most  some people that I’m emptying things from our home before it’s sold. …

but that’s how this ole’ gypsy gal operates. (giggle) And, just recently I interviewed someone who toured our home.

                                                    Oh,  wait. ..  did I say interview? (grin)

The real story is that I’d like to hand pick the next owners the realtor showed our home to a lovely family that currently lives in Northern California.

And, naturally, they LOVED everything about this charming little cottage. *wink*wink. Alright, of course I didn’t really meet them, or interview them. (grin)

                                       However, nothing would make me do a little gypsy dance happier than to hear the news

                            About another sweet adorable couple possibly becoming the next owners.

                         And, I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed that they will have little children…

                    because I can seriously imagine precious little kiddos running all around, and playing

                                                          Hide~n~Seek everywhere! 

                                                      Anyway, we shall see what happens.

    In the meantime, I’ve also been in the mood for baking…

                                                                 baking, and baking!

I am wondering if it’s because my husband had caught that terrible, horrible,  no good, very bad cold which was going around. I certainly hope, and pray that you haven’t caught it!

                                    Anyway, it’s funny that HIS cold made ME feel like baking.

                                                              and mostly cupcakes….

                                                     well perhaps a  cake, or two….

                                             Thank goodness he’s finally feeling a little better,

                                                  because there will be two  roly-polys

                                I’ve run out of room in our refrigerator for all the cupcakes. Ha!

Do you get in moods for….hmmmm…I guess I’ll call it nesting. Nesting, baking, soulful caring for home, and for those who need us…especially when they “need” us. 

I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel really good to  be needed…wanted…and of course loved.

                                           Here’s to a wonderful weekend of sweet fun. .


Oh! and, just in case your in the mood for a little baking, you might want to check out my Pinterest board.

or perhaps your in the mood for a little

*There’s a little video on my youtube channel Marcia’s Cottage, where I’ve shared how I say good-bye to special furniture, and also about a bake day. I hope you like them. Sorry, I tried to link them for you…but I had some technical link problems???? Anyway, just google YouTube Marcia’s Cottage, and voila!

“Sometimes you just have to let life unfold and trust it will guide you in the right direction.”
~Natasha Buckmaster

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