A Garden Tour and Tea Party

One day the gardener realizes that what she is doing out there is actually teaching herself to garden by performing a series of experiments. This is a pivotal moment in one’s life.” ~Margaret Roach


Having come from years of hosting tea parties, and attending a variety of garden tours…


I naturally have a built-in affinity for growing things and gathering friends together.


20160716_142712With that said I’m really not much of a gardener.



However, that does not keep me from visiting & enjoying the gardens of those who are.



This past week I experienced my first garden tour here on the Oregon coast. The tour was in an area called Couquille. I met the nicest people who shared openly about their gardens.



The gardens varied from simple to more elaborate.


They were all beautiful in their own way. What I learned that afternoon was that a good garden should evolve and change along with you, and the needs and desires of your life.


Transformation is all around in a life that is growing and blooming everyday.


I suppose it was my attending the tour, that later in the week I found myself working in the garden.


And, on a whim decided to host the first tea party in my Folly.



And, since tea parties are what I do know lots about…


I gathered my friends and surprised them for an afternoon tea.


My experience with gardening was similar to preparing for the afternoon tea.


Both tell me that the results will be worth the effort, and the rewards will always be many.

Here’s a peek at how I prepared for a tea…

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8 Responses to A Garden Tour and Tea Party

  1. Joe Kuehner says:

    Wow, you put on quite a tea party!
    Loved the video!
    Nice gardens, too!

  2. Rhonda Peake says:

    I remember the very first time we met I was walking by and you were out working on your folly and invited me to see it. My family and I felt truly privileged to be invited to your very first tea party here on the coast. It was such a wonderful surprise filled with great food, gifts and lots of giggles. Thank you my dear sweet friend. Always J.R.

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Rhonda your family is so wonderful. It was a privilege for me to be able to have them over. We had alot of fun. Yes, I remember that day you were walking by too. I was so excited to show you the Folly. One day it will be finished. Ha! Another project. ♡

  3. Becky Yohonn says:

    I remember your very first garden party in your first Folly. It was charming and magical as we all had never seen such splendor. You had painted long stemmed pink roses on the enclosed porch and had avocados from the biggest tree I had ever seen! OH…and those homemade scones!!

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Becky! Yes such wonderful fun times. I’ll never forget the Christmas Tea on Merrill Ave. 42 women attended that tea. Do you remember? Diana Smith and her daughter in-law were sitting in the converted garage that I had french doors put in. I served them Christmas Tea & scones, but then forgot all about them. They were sitting in the dark for hours just chatting away. So funny. Xo

  4. Jenny Bonynge says:

    How delightful! I am eager to have a Tea here at our new house (been here 6 months!). There continues to be construction as they complete this development but we’re pretty sure it’ll all be done in late Autumn. So…a Christmas Tea perhaps??? I have loved reading and seeing the many Teas you’ve put on since I started following your blog. The outdoor on the patio ones where the lacy tablecloths were covering the area was especially beautiful. The new folly is precious…

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Hi Jenny! Thank you for your sweek comments. I think I know which tea you are referring too. They have all been fun. And, I’m so excited for you to host one. I’m sure it will be lovely. Christmas will be perfect!

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