While Visiting California…

“When I’m alone I’m actually hanging out with my soul”

The Minds Journal

Hello, sweet friend…

I have been vacationing in California…


Enjoying an afternoon at Barbara Cheatley’s in Claremont, California…February 5, 2020

I thought this would be a perfect time to re-edit a previous post from 2014 and share a Valentine’s Tea Party I hosted in my California home.❤️

Making a quick stop to Anthropologie (my fave shop) February 5, 2020…

A re-post from February 2014

Everybody Needs Love

By Marcia Ren

Oh!Oh!Oh! Sometimes I wish I had a HUGE Cottage, so I could invite a zillion friends to my teeny tiny tea parties. Because I think everybody likes to feel loved, and special. ESPECIALLY on Valentine’s Day. I know I do… That’s why I LOVE to host them! (Big smile)


 I invited a couple of friends & then asked each of them to invite a friend that they didn’t see too often.

Before I knew it…

The teeny tiny tea party slowly started to GROW… much like our friendships just like a garden.

Yikes!!!! Where am I going to sit. ..❤️


no worries This looks like a comfy spot…

O.k. all done on the inside… Now It’s time for my assistant and I to tidy up on the outside..

Cami has a new pink outfit…She loves to feel VERY special too.💕

I’ve been planting little flowers all around the Cottage to help celebrate it’s 94th birthday! ❤️

Of course pink is my signature color out in the garden too!

This is a Special little sign that I painted. I am just not quite sure where to put it.♡

Yes. … that looks welcoming. Let’s head on back inside.❤️

Awwww… These are from my sweet Joe.


I’m wondering what special things make you feel loved…

I feel loved by my supportive husband who always encourages me to take time for my spiritual & mental growth…

I love window shopping…February 6, 2020
And indulging in a bit of decadence at Nordstrom’s cafe…February 2020

Carving out time alone as a way to rediscover myself…

Chairs at Victoria Gardens in Ontario, California…February 5, 2020

Floating hearts at Barbara Cheatley’s shop (another fave shop) in Claremont, CaliforniaFebruary 5, 2020

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2 Responses to While Visiting California…

  1. Joe says:

    Thank you for your acknowledgment of me in this post.
    Who is that cute little dog in the pink outfit!!

  2. Jenny Bonynge says:

    Oh Marcia! I am from Ontario…and love Claremont! You seem to find unique places, how very fun. Am going to my ?? HS reunion ( Chaffey) in October and would love some suggestions of local places you find charming.

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