Chasing Spring


“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen”~Sukhraj Dhillon







I hope you are well.



I don’t know about you…

however this time of year it’s inevitable for me to catch the Spring bug.

 always have 

(it’s highly contagious)



For me it’s exciting to see things coming up again



plants that you have had for a while…





it’s like seeing an old friend…you rejoice!






depending just how hard the bug has hit it’s not uncommon (for me) to make several visits to the nursery to cure this Spring fever (of mine)



This year I caught the bug a little earlier and more than usual.


a teeny tiny bit more…



As a matter of fact (just between you and I) there have been several trips 🚗 to the local nursery to take care of this ailment 🌼🌺🌸 best medicine ever! 



I began to feel much much better…



happy as a clam! (a little coastal pun)



that was until good old Mother Nature returned with one of her powerful visits…leaving me with the reminder…

(there’s a time and season for everything)


no rushing this gal



a wonderful lesson




happiness is a state of mind…🌺

🌼Spring will be here soon…

All in good time.🌸

 Everything here gives me satisfaction. My home, my animals, my garden, of course my fabulous husband Joe…

and yes…

even good old Mother Nature.😉



I’m wondering if you’re thinking what I’m thinking…

(okay…just one quick run to the nursery)🚗🌸🌼🌺




That being said how’s about a fabulous yummy soup recipe perfect for a cold wintery like day. (just in case you find yourself fighting the same bug)

after all it is contagious.





1 Bay leaf

4 Carrot(s)

4 stalks Celery

4 cloves Garlic

2 cup Lentils

2 whole sprigs Thyme

1 Yellow onion

2 qt. Vegetable broth

1 tsp salt & pepper ( or to taste)

3 tbsp Olive oil

1 tbsp Cumin






  1. Set a large, dry dutch oven over medium heat and drop in Garlic cloves with their peels still on. Let them toast for a few minutes on each side, until the skins are browned and fragrant. Set aside.



2. Roughly chop the onion, carrots, and celery. Add the olive oil to the dutch oven and saute until browned and tender. Peel and smash up the garlic and add it back to the pot, along with the lentils and cumin. Cook for a few seconds, until the lentils are nicely coated in oil.



Empty the broth into the pot and add the Bay Leaf and whole sprigs of Thyme. Simmer until the lentils are tender, about 30 minutes. Remove the Bay Leaf and Thyme.



3.  Season with Salt and Pepper and serve piping hot.  This soup is fabulous on it’s own…however Joe suggested that we add vegetarian Italian sausage.

And so we did…which made it fabulous x2.

Thanks Joe!






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2 Responses to Chasing Spring

  1. Joe says:

    I really enjoyed your quote and hope you get over your ‘bug’!
    Mother Nature will have her way!!!

  2. Marcia Ren says:

    Hi wonderful Joe,
    You are so right…Mother Nature knows best.

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