A California Gals Patriots Day Tea Party

There’s nothing like a tea party to get me in the spirit of friendship & fun.

So naturally back in August when one of my California gal~friends invited me to her Patriots Day Tea Party for September 10th. I was like “hip, hip, hooray~ing!” the rest of the afternoon.


Ironically, that same day I received a jury duty summons scheduled during the same time. D.a.r.n!


If you have read any of my posts, or perhaps you are fortunate to know me personally (ha! ha! just kidding) then you know how very disappointed I was.


This group of ladies are fabulous & fun. Fortunately, I was able to get the scoop from one of my friends who actually attended.  She and I go back many years. We actually played duets on the piano together for school plays. Great memories.


Anyway she called me the other evening and shared all details of this special day. She mentioned that the tea was held in honor of Patriot Day, & not Patriot’s Day. I’m not sure what the difference is. Do you? Well, anyway the guests were asked to wear red, white & blue.


And, before the tea began they were asked to pause a moment in remembrance of 9/11. The table was spectacular!  All decorated in reds with American flags.


The hostess used her mother~in~laws antique cranberry glasses, candle holders & dishes.


Martha Stewart’s scone recipe was used so that if the guests didn’t like them…they could blame Martha! Ha! Lots, of love, fun, & friendship. These ladies have been friends f.o.r.e.v.e.r!

Patriot Day Tea Menu:

Fresh fruit cup

Homemade scones with lemon curd and cream

Plated end of summer fare: chicken salad puff, potato salad, coleslaw, and other stuff..

Dessert: Samples of Bundt Cakes (cinnamon, carrot, lemon, cheese, mixed) with icing

(I was told there’s a new store that recently opened selling only bundt cakes)

Tea: my friend couldn’t remember. However, she said it was a fruited, deeply red tea…wonderful!

Drinks: Wine or sparkling apple grape or apple cranberry & water

Party Gifts: (California gals always do party gifts) The hostess had just recently returned from an Alaskan cruise, so she gave everyone an Alaskan cruise! Just kidding, wanted to make sure you are still paying attention. She actually gave each guest an Alaskan Sour Dough Starter, and (wait for it) Little Bundt Cake to take home!!!

I was sent a photo of the group taking a selfie & given S.T.R.I.C.T orders not to use it on this post. They hated , hated their photos, deciding they are all over the hill. Being that I WHAT! these gals know me way better than that. Besideslive 900 miles away, and let them try to stop me! love these beautiful gals to death, & of course I would never do anything to upset them. No not sweet innocent me.



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7 Responses to A California Gals Patriots Day Tea Party

  1. Becky Yohonn says:

    What beautiful friends and such good times they have together!

  2. Louise Bigbie says:

    Somehow the photo looked better in your post than in person. I still look over the hill though. Nice post..Patriot Day is in rememberence of 911.Patriots Day is in remembrance of some Revolutionary War battle
    ..can’t remember the battle. WE MISSED YOU.

  3. Carol Hingle says:

    Oh Marcia …
    Every time I look through your blog I find something different. Your friends sound terrific…I have a group of gal friends just like yours…we try to. have a luncheon or tea a few times a year…our menus are really good ….but that menu really was awesome…we’ve had the bundt cakes too…they are really delicious…so sorry you had to miss it… . Thanks for sharing…

  4. Marcia ren says:

    Hi Carol! You are lucky to have good friends. These are friends that no matter how much time goes by. ..we pick up where we left off. Xo

  5. Jenny Bonynge says:

    What a teaser you are! Your friends look delightful. (Musta been the wine…)

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