As good as it gets…

Yesterday I shared about my excitement about a book signing I was attending.  It turned out to be a really fun day. Of course… Not quite how I planned.  Such is life. The morning began with a call from my sweet friend mentioning that she ran into a “little” traffic, and perhaps might arrive at my home later than we planned. “No worries” I said. I was just too excited about the day. After all I had baked those wonderful gluten-free cookies, and crafted what I thought was the most adorable gift to give to the author. (Big smile) which by the way, had an ADORABLE little pumpkin in it.

This is me showing off my cute little gift.  Wait a minute. … Where’s the cute little pumpkin? Any guesses? Well… By the time I actually gave it (close to five hours later) it had fallen out, rolled around, and fallen out again. I think that little pumpkin had the BIGGEST adventure of all of us. It is quite funny now,  but one of the places it rolled was UNDER a parked car in the Target parking structure in Pasadena. I know what you are probably thinking. … Your thinking I left it there,  and that’s why it’s not in the picture…. On the other hand some of you KNOW me much better,  like my sweet friend who was with me,  and saw me crawl under the parked van to retrieve it.
This fall and roll left it stemless. I was not going to take anymore chances, so I placed it at the bottom of my bag. ♡

This is Susan Branch receiving my little gift of admiration♡(the pumpkin is STILL in the bag)

This is Susan Branch’s husband Joe…. I think he liked the story about the little pumpkin…
He was very surprised that I had taught for 30 years, and said I looked like the movie star Diane Keaton. I told him I just started a blog,  AND, I would definitely mention this. Those two very nice compliments ALMOST made my day….

                       Susan Branch and me♡


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