An Outfit For All Seasons




Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy a little fashion.


I use to own many closets filled with clothes, shoes, & accessories when I lived in California. 


I’m proud to say that since moving to the coast I’m down to basically 2 very small beachy closets. I still love fashion, however I now am extremely careful what I purchase, & try to donate an item for each item I bring into the cottage. This is really important if you want to impress your friends dont want to end up with all this “stuff” you no longer need, use, or wear.


I’m finding that a few items go a long way when you cleverly mix & match. Your friends will think you have soooo many clothes, and when you tell them no you don’t,  but that you’ve learned how to play the mix & match game…

They will be soooo impressed!


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