A Closet/Wardrobe Refresh👚👠👗

Let go of what doesn’t serve you


Hello, sweet friend…

It’s nice to see you and I hope you are doing great!

Cleaning out my closet can seem like a daunting task… Getting rid of clothes, even when I haven’t worn them in years and years and years isn’t easy. This past week I decided to do a good closet purge and give my style a fresh start for the month ahead. There is no better time than now to let go of those clothes that don’t make me feel great when I wear them…

after all feeling confident in your clothes is a really good idea!

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10 Responses to A Closet/Wardrobe Refresh👚👠👗

  1. Jose says:

    Thank you for such a helpful reminder of ‘declottering’ my closets!
    I believe letting go is so important!
    Thank you

  2. Nyla says:

    I have started keeping a bag in my closet; when I wear something that I question or shoes that hurt, in the bag they go. When it accumulates I donate it. It is helping me purge gently; I am pulling out some older pieces to repurpose or it goes in the bag.

    • Marcia says:

      Hi Nyla,
      What a great idea…I just finished hanging a bag! Tomorrow I’ll be heading out to the donation center and dropping off 5 bags. Mostly clothes however there are some shoes… pillows & bedspreads. After I cleaned out the first closet I decided to tackle the others. 🙂

  3. Carol Hingle says:

    Marcia you are so right…I have been trying to declutter… then got ill…but on the mend now..so I will begin again…thanks for all of your posts…Carol

    • Marcia says:

      Hi Carol,
      I was sorry to hear you were ill & glad that you are on the mend. I had planned on just doing the one closet however once I started I was on a roll and now feel so good to have both closets clean & organized. Thank you for your kind words.:)

      • Carol Hingle says:

        Marcia…thank you for your kind words…Organizing always makes me feel happy!…Clears your mind…hopefully I will get this done soon…then my art supplies need work….lots to do….one step at a time…

  4. Carol Hingle says:

    Marcia…by the way…I love your wardrobe !

  5. Donna L Kelly says:

    Hi!!!! You did this right after I got mine done!!!! I started out with 3 bags donated before I really ever tackled my closet. {I only have one closet, long and narrow in spare bedroom} Then I bought new hangers and a new rolling CUTE hamper…another 3 bags donated! (this also includes attic storage.} I colorize my clothes too and I must say, it looks picture perfect! Oh and this is after I watched The Home Edit on Netflix! These ladies REALLY inspired me to take my closet to the next level! On Easter , I told my daughter to look and I got a lot of Ohhhs and Ahhhhs and then she showed her girlfriend and said THIS is what a closet is supposed to look like!!!!!!!

    • Marcia Ren says:

      Donna it feels so good to get things organized. I since went through all the other closets! Ha! Now to keep it clean! I’m sure your closet is beautiful. Good job my friend!xox

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