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A Sunday Breakfast

  One of the reasons I enjoy cooking,  and baking, is that I know what ingredients are used. And, I do prefer using fresh, and organic ingredients. Today,  I whipped up a few potatoes, eggs/cheese, and mini size pancakes. Bon’apetit!

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The Copper Goose Nursery

  I enjoy gardening, and enjoy discovering different nurseries. And, just recently I discovered a most pleasurable one.  It is called The Copper Goose Nursery, and is located in Coquille, Oregon. It is privately owned and operated. The Copper Goose supplies beautiful flower baskets for Coos Bay, and other local areas. With the help of one of the employees I was able to find a variety of plants to create a Fall window box.   The name of the plants I added to an already existing arrangement: superbells~Dreamsicle, Superbena~Burgundy, and Superbena~Blue

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casual wear

I enjoy a fun simple date day with my husband. Having a simple casual go to outfit makes for a low key stress free evening out.  

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Coastal Fall

This will be my first experience of living on the Oregon coast during the Fall. As with anything of beauty. ..the coast has many aspects, and depths to experience.

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My new pink sweater

  When I lived in Southern California rarely did I “need” a warmer sweater,  or jacket.  Not true here in the Pacific Northwest. So,  I keep my eyes open for any bargains when it comes to Fall, or Winter wear.  I’ve mentioned a wonderful upscale thrift shop here in town called BREES. This is where I found a brand new QVC sweater never worn.  Original price $14.99. However, it was on sale for $7.99. But,  guess what?  It doesn’t stop there,  because I happened to go to BREE’S on green tag day! So,  I received an additional 50% off…♡

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