Just when I thought things were going alright. ..♡

Hello, Welcome to Marcia’s Cottage. I’m so happy to see you today my friend. ♡ Shall we have a little coffee… (or is it tea) sorry for the confusion. Just make it strong please. ♡

Let’s chat while I do the laundry. ..I just realized that I won’t have a Saturday this week..♡

Happy Friday everyone! Oh wait it’s Thursday… well gee whiz.. How did I get that confused? Actually, on the other hand wasn’t it just Monday?
ok…Let’s do a week in review check:

Monday- Beautiful day. . Wait did it rain that day? Or was that the week before. ..hmmm..

Tuesday- Sunny day. .. went for a nice bike ride. . Or did I do that on Monday?

Wednesday- ok this is easy smeasy… went to church. It was Ash Wednesday. (I’m Catholic) beginning of my Lenten 40 day journey…hmmm…. Perhaps THIS is where some my confusion began. (40 day Lenten journey of selfie, Oops meant self.)

Just when I thought I had EVERYTHING under control, going well, smooth sailing. . BAM! I find out today is Friday. … Oops. . Sorry I’m wrong again… it just feels like Friday. Well,  I am doing laundry… Does that mean it’s …Saturday…♡

Ok I admit,  I’m a “little” confused. (Not necessarily wrong) because today does FEEL like a Friday to me. My husband has tomorrow (Friday) off… and I’m committed to an event. . So today (Thursday) I’m doing the  grocery shopping,  and preparing our usual Friday (tomorrow’s) Salmon dinner. Wait just a second. .. Now I might still be confused.  Since today is my Friday,  does that mean that Saturday isn’t going to be happening? Hey. . What happened to Sunday?

 I’m hoping (because I’m a little SeLfIe-IsH) that these sorts of things happen to you too my friend. It does make life a little more exciting, don’t you think..♡

Yikes – a-roo! I better get going before it’s Tuesday! Because then I know for sure I have a hair appt. No wait a second…I think that’s on Wednesday.♡
I hope I haven’t confused you too much,  and that you have a wonderful weekend. (wink,wink)

                                       Xoxo. …

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